Crazy prices on a graflex flash

Two people obviously wanted it badly. Something is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. The winner must have thought it was worth it.


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Unbelievable in my opinion. If they are that rare, I would say okay. But I thought they are still very common.
I think I got mine for about 100 or 110$. 5-6 years ago..


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I see a lot of them on priced "by it now" for 250-300 that people don't bite on... and then see really nice ones go for close to 300.

Junkyard is a better place to buy... no price gouging... I may have a decent shaped one to go up there pretty quick, and I'm just going for what I paid. people here have helped me out with good deals, so my feeling is to pass it on. Let the ebay guys gouge each other.


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A friend of mine has a very nice original Graflex as part of his camera collection. (He's aware of the Star Wars connection.) I've often referred to it as the "last non-lightsabre'd Graflex" in L.A. County.........



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I averaged $150-$200 per original when i bought a whole bunch to make my crystal chamber chassis lightsabers run (i say run but i made 5 originals and 3 clones for customers).

This one is a clone, they are pretty darn good too. I paid around $100 for it.




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I've been paying attention to a few of the Graflex auctions on eBay the past while and I can say that the prices really depend... I've seen a couple go for about $125 - there was a 2-cell that went for $100 BIN that I should have jumped on - and more recently a couple that have gone in the $200-$215 range.

I personally got mine a couple of months ago for $149 and I was the only bidder so it really depends on timing and who's looking for one at that point in time....