Craig Ferguson on tour


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has anyone seen his tour lately?

we've got tickets for sunday and I've seen him at least two other times live. but now supposedly he's molded the tour more after the TV show, complete with not a real horse and live geoff, josh robert thompson.... i'm also curious if they sign things by the stage door after the show.

In our one and only trip to Los Angeles, a hollywood neighbor of mine got us some VIP treatment. We went out to see price is right (a life long dream with bob barker hosting), Family Fued (with Richard Karn) and Craigs Second LLS audition. this was where we got the VIP treatment, ushered into the green room. We talked to craig's entertainment attorney, got to meet some of the interns and chat them up. The biggest dissapointment of the trip was as follows. My mother and I where walking around back stage just checking things out and there was Craig. He was in the dressing room saying hello to the guests. My mother wanted to go over and introduce ourselves (our neighbors neice was his 2nd wife at the time) but I didn't want to bother him on his big night, and figured we'd havetime to do it after the show. However, that sadly never happened. We where eventually ushered on stage by our assigned intern... saw the entire show, tried to get back stage again, but they wouldn't let us! And our intern friend had vanished. So, we never got to meet craig ferguson. although I've been following the show from his first to last episode as the best talk show since Letterman's glory days.

I've been trying to find a way to rectify that with a quick hi and photo op ever since, but no such luck,heh.
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