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I'm looking for a supplier for craft foam in large sheets, like the "Extra Firm" "Super Thick" 6mm FOAMIES, but in large sheets. I believe it's polyurethane foam. Firm, yet flexible enough to go around curves. Darice only sells small pieces of the thicker firmer stuff, and I need large sheets for prototyping work. I'd prefer a web supplier that has stock sizes I can purchase. I don't want to have to get a "quote" every time I need a few sheets. Anyone know a good, reasonably priced source?

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Originally posted by rigormortis@Dec 18 2005, 02:26 AM
Home Depot sells large sheets for $10-15, but colors may be an issue.

You mean insulation foam? I think you're talking about foam polystyrene, which isn't flexible.


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This may be what you are looking for

EVA Foam

I too am looking for large sheets of this foam
found this on a search, but have not had time to call them


EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyle Acetate. We have a number of standard colors but can also make most Pantone colors.

Standard colors: Black, White, red, yellow, orange, light green, light blue, purple, fuchia, light brown.
And they have EVA foam in all thickness

I checked again and they are not in the United States

here is a pic from their site


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Originally posted by GeneralMayhem@Dec 18 2005, 10:24 PM
A possible supplier?


Foam Rubber City
you want plastazote foam, it is an ether based closed cell foam available in many colours etherzote is good too but blunts knife blades even quicker, I make LARP wepons and armour from it. do a google search for it, its made mainly in Italy I believe and is easy to find here in the UK, glue it with a light coat of contact adhesive (evostik or thixofix) on both surfaces ,can be carvrd and sanded and engraved with a dremel or even a soldering iron. do that outside though as it stinks..



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Plastazote looks interesting, but couldn't seem to find a reasonably priced supplier. But I think the EVA foam is closer to what I'm looking for. Anyone find a supplier for less than $27.50 a 1/4" X 40" X 80" sheet?


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the stuff is expensive. I'm working on Airex clone armor myself.
Bob's foam out of SF/Cali.. I'll dig up some links for you & post later..

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