Cpt. America Shields


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Greetings all...

A few months back, I was inspired to create my own captain america shield. I work on a farm with my father, so needless to say, I had all the equipment I needed at my disposal. The round shields are made from field discs. They are a hardened earth metal and are extremely durable. The back is my own design. I welded on some brackets and forged some handles out of spare metal pieces, ground down the rough edges, and bolted it all together. The strap is an old leather belt.

For the WWII version, I had to do quite a bit of work. The steel was actually bent the opposite way it is now, so I had to do a lot of heating bending and hammering in order to form the correct curvature. The back is the same as the other two.

I know they are by no means perfection. However, I had so much fun making them, and that is what counts.

In the photos, the first and last pictures are the same shield.
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Really nice job. I love the hammered look of the WWII shield. Looks super authentic!
Thanks. That shield was my favorite to work on. You should have seen the piece before I put some work into it. Let's just say there was a lot of cosmetic work done.
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