Coyle Blade Runner Blaster w/ presentation case

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I'm looking to sell my Coyle Blade Runner blaster. It's a beaut of a piece but looking to fund other projects.

Built from a kit in 2016, this full metal (where it's supposed to be) blaster has been aged and weathered to present as a used "lived in" item. The magazine LEDs light up, and the presentation case includes everything pictured (faux manufacturer's manual, lumishock rounds, empty standard rounds box). The wooden case is lined with a grey felt that contours to the pistol, cradling it well for presentation.

One issue, the cylinder does not open on this pistol but the rounds are present.

Looking for $600USD shipped CANADA and CONUS. Others inquire within and we'll work something out. I take Paypal goods and services, no "friends and family" in order to protect both parties.

Thanks for looking, have a great day!

20210217_132707 (1).jpg



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That is stunning! Though I don't think ti will take long to sell it's a Shame your not in the UK but good luck with it.
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