COVID-19 modeling -- stay inside/model hard!


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Making progress on the the Kitty Hawk Bronco.....



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Where did you gt that model?

Hey, just at my local hobby shop, they ordered it at the Revell supplier. You can still get it there.... As I'm typing this...checking the website..... . Well it is not on there anymore :s. But there should be model shops still carrying it. Remember mine is heavily modified, the model out of the box is nothing like that.


Its still on the page where you choose the star wars episodes. But if you click it its not there anymore.


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Revell re-releases the Republic Star Destroyer every few years for quite some time until it's discontinued again. And every time they increase the price...
I still remember bying the kit for the first time in 2003 for 15€ on Amazon. Now it's 90€. :confused:

The kit is currently still in Stock in some modelling shops and on ebay.


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Finishing up a paper model of a Heinkel 290 Jet and a 1/72 Hasegawa M3A1 Half Track in the foreground. As a kid I used to exclusively build a lot of the Hasegawa Kits and then got away from them. Visiting one of my favorite Bay Area Hobby Stores, saw a bunch of them and got a few. I forgot how much fun building the smaller and simpler plastic model kits could be. My next two projects are on the top shelf. I don't play Star Wars Legion, I just like the figure sets they put out. I have quite a few of the Rebel Soldier Packs completed and figured I needed some Stormtroopers for them to attack!


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my first C-virus project was finishing this "Crystal Cave Chase" dio

.144 Bandai TLJ Falcon
.144 Bandai FO TIE Fighters
real rock-crystals and gypsum-crystals
fake crystals cut out of hotgluesticks
black deco sand and red glass-color

I used a cut-off head ( I think it was Finn ) placed upsidedown on the dashboard to mimic a Porg

Nice work, I really like that diorama, looks great!

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