Couple of Jokers


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Hi recently joined here and thought id share a couple of jokers iv been putting together. I started with the latex joker which I made into a bust. I then converted it into a full size joker but then had the chance to purchase a Howard head, bomb detonator and new trench coat. Also managed to get a replica gun from the film. I then switched the busts round and made the Howard full size and made the latex into a bank robber bust. Im thinking of doing a 1:1 bank robber but space is a problem lol.
I know there are a million jokers out there but iv always loved the character and thought id show some pics.
The first full size didnt quite look right and the mannequin either needed adjusting or the shoulders brought out or both.



With the Howard sculpt, the face is positioned downwards looking up but mine was looking straight on and wasnt right. I took the head off, re-positioned it sunk more in the chest and bulked the shoulders and back out a bit. I wanted to get the pose of the joker with his head sunk into his shoulder a little. I used bubble wrap to pad it out but was worried it would look to broard but I think it turned out quite well.




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Would love some feedback as this is my first full size and its been fun. Im thinking of getting a new arm and thinking of customising it to have him opening his coat with the grenade rig attached inside. Also need to add the trouser chain and maybe the blade shoe :)
Heres my other bust






I will probably dress this one up a little by adding some money, calling card and possibly grenades, maybe the blue bag. Hope you like :)


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Very nice!!!! I really dig the pose of your full bodied Joker. It really captures that pensive sunken posture he had.

Thanks man. at first it was quite sitting right so I padded the chest, back and shoulders. I really wanted to capture that shrunken look but was worried he would look like he has been hitting the gym :lol

Going to jazz the mannequin bases up.

Also looks as though I might be turning the bank robber full size so il get some pics up if it happens :)
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