Want to Buy Count Dooku MR lightSaber


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Just out of curiosity, what is considered a good deal?
i am not in any way trying to start an issue, possibly knowing a roundabout budget might bring someone out that has one for sale.

I bring this up as in the past I have seen similar threads asking for a good deal etc.. When presented with a selling price, the buyer does not have the budget for the prop.

it goes both ways also, I have seen sellers get offended by offers given from buyers that they consider lowball etc..

good luck on finding one for your collection. It is a pretty cool design saber IMHO. :)

i picked up an AP MR Dooku saber in a package deal last year, so I will be eventually be offering up my standard edition number one up for sale.

trying to find a good medium between what it is worth to the seller, versus what that the collector will pay for it so both parties are satisfied.


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there is no offense .. I just want a good deal for both sides. I saw here two going just recently for $325 and $360 .. guess anything around that is a good deal. So if you want to let go the regular one.. I would be happy to deal with you. :)