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while watching last nights Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D I noticed a framed collection of patches and i would like to ID them. but i only have a low res image to work from.


i can id two of them for sure and there might be a S.S.R. patch at the bottom in the middle but the others are too hard to make out.
any help you can give identifying the other patches would be appreciated.


might be this SSR patch
You have the patches right above. The bottom right is the Strike team patch and above it the camo strike patch.

Looks like the top middle patch possibly is an "Agents of Shield " first season show logo patch.
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Downloaded last nights episode, but could not make out that middle top piece/patch. If it's in another episode, let me know and I will try download it as well to try to get a better look. Definitely Bobatrek's strike patch and patches from the Intergalactic Trading Co. They are here in the JY and on eBay.
looked a bit closer at this before the show and saw that there are 7 different items in the frame. The SSR patch in on the bottom center, gold badge in the middle, round shield on the upper right. Possible metal badge in the top center, unknown bottom left and possibly strike patches on the right side. Hoping to get a better view in a future show.
clearer pic of the framed patches from season 2 episode 2. still cant make out the other patches. this is a promo shot i found online.

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Looks like the top center one may be a silver badge?


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I think the top center would be the standard SHIELD Agent badge. This wouldn't surprise me that this was some sort of farewell gift (maybe after a stint in the triscelion or on the helicarrier). Very common for military type organizations to do stuff like this, and I have seen some (albeit much less) law enforcement similarities.
I can't post any images, but here is what can say:

Top center is a metal circular shield badge, in a brassy/bronze finish
Top right is a lo-vis modern AOS logo.

bottom left is a lo-vis eagle with talons, I think (soundstage is closed for the summer, I'll pay more attention next year)
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