Could anyone identify the hardware (metal rings) used on this prop?


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Referring to the rings used in the eyeholes of the mask, I'm not too educated in hardware like this. I thought O-rings but I'm not finding anything close searching for those, Does anyone know the name of these things or what their original use is? Eyelets maybe? Though I've never seen any that big.


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That looks perfect, thank you so much! I don't suppose you have a ball park of the size? They all seem to be in fractions of inches and I'm not very familiar with that measurement.


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Another possibility is that these are sealed bearings. These are available in many different sizes where you specify the outside diameter of the outer ring (OD) and the inside diameter of the inner ring (ID). The space between the two ring is filled with small ball bearings and the two rings are sealed to keep the balls and any lubricate maintained between the rings. The seal is usually a rubber-like ring. If that is the case here, in the images provided the seal appears to be white.

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