Costumed Characters Needed! Reading, PA and surrounding area


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(I'm cross-posting this in the OT forum, but I thought some of the costumers here might be interested)

Hey Guys,

My girlfriend is a librarian at the Reading Public Library, and on May 5th, they're having Free Comic Book Day.

She asked me if I knew anyone with superhero costumes/gear who'd be willing to come out and have their picture taken with some of the kids there, so I figured the RPF was the best place to go :)

Because FCBD coincides with the release of the Avengers movie, she thought that it might be cool to be more Avengers-themed, but really, anyone is welcome.

The gig is unpaid, but I might be able to scrounge some gas money for people who can come.

PM me for more information.

For reference, here's the Library's address.

Reading Public Library - Southeast Branch
1426 Perkiomen Avenue
Reading, PA 19602

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Superheroes Needed! Reading, PA and surrounding area

Bump for the morning crowd. I've got some folks from the 501 who might be able to make it, but some superheroes would be fantastic.