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Bat Vader? Anyone else have any costume mashups they have seen? There was a stormtrooper bucket with a scout trooper visor on it on ebay last week.
The Darth Knight!

Boba fett seems to be a popular mashup subject, with people reskinning Mando armor for different characters. I think that's why I liked the Spartafett helmet so much - someone thought to put a Boba Fett finish on somebody else's helmet for a change.

I've also seen a borg Slave Leia, a dancing banana Spider Man (red, yellow and blue,) and various stormtrooper variants (like this year's D*C Planet of the Apes trooper).
For Comicpalooza in Houston this year, my friends and I decided to "cross the streams" and make Ghostbusters themed mashup costmes.

It's not too far of a stretch, but my friend Jess and I made Luigi's Mansion inspired costumes with a bit of Ghostbusters flare to them.

Sarah made a Power Girl GB uniform:

Sarah and I are MechWarrior fans, so we mashed that in:

Here's Jen from Louisiana as a female Guile 'buster and our own Captain Smith:

Steve and Julie mixed in some Gotham:

Deadpool chased some familiar ghosts:

And Ryan equips an Imperial officer with the neccessary equipment to deal with those pesky Force Ghosts:
Snarkticon - I'm not really a big fan of mashup costumes, but I just had to say that I love the little anti-Boo patch you're wearing in your first picture!
Haha! Thanks. That's something that a member named christphern over at came up with. He had katarra8 on eBay make it into a patch so anyone can buy them now. I'm not sure what RPF's policy is on linking eBay auctions, but if you just search "no boo patch" it's the first result that pops up.

I like mashups if the end result is funny, or if it makes even a little bit of sense. There's a costume that I didn't finish in time for the convention in May that was a cross between Star Trek and Ghostbusters. Basically it was a 24th Century Ghostbuster. Because I figured, hey ... there's still ghosts in the future, right? I still want to finish that someday.
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After Elvistrooper did his first, I always thought these costumes were a bunch of "metoos" who wanted the same attention. A lot of the costumes are done really well as far as craftsmanship though. I still think you should be shot if you do one of these costumes. :lol ;)
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