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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by JnAStudios, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. JnAStudios

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    A question occurred to me: how do most people store their costumes?

    I've seen pictures of Spider-Man outfits hanging in a closet but beyond that, not much.

    Where does one store an Iron Man costume? Or any other bulky/complex costume? Can't really fold it and place it in a drawer.

    Most of my costumes, so far, are piecemeal and components are hanging from a hook, in boxes and/or laying around. I've gone as far as cobbling together wooden "L" brackets with foam heads on them to display/store some masks and wigs.

    So how do you all store your creations?
  2. moose

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    mine are easy enough to throw onto a hanger. other people seem to use mannequins and such, like for IM sets.
  3. Royal Dump

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    my closet is big enough for my iron man
  4. Dirty

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    Rubber maid storage bins for my suits with custom foam lining and my helmets are on display on boutique felt heads.
  5. CelticRuins

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    Rubbermaid tubs are indeed, your friend! To store easily breakable/delicate components of a costume, this is the best way to go. It's also good for traveling, as long as the lid is secure.

    For fabric pieces, when they're not being worn, they're either in a garment bag or a Space Bag.
  6. MaulWalker

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    Hang-able soft parts are in the guest bedroom closet. Large pieces that can't be hung reside in large Rubbermaid tubs. Each hanging costume has a smaller plastic bin devoted to it. This holds shoes, belts, accessories, etc. Attached to the lid of each box is a list of all the costume components required - including underwear, makeup, toupee tape, spriit gum, etc. Makes packing for a convention a breeze.
  7. Leander

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  8. Rikarus

    Rikarus Well-Known Member

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    Just bought a bunch of hardigg cases from Jeremiah for this very thing!
  9. .:MirrorminD:.

    .:MirrorminD:. Sr Member

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    I use mannequins and dress forms for mine.
  10. STpropguy76

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    Thanks Rikarus for the shout out...
    How are those Hardigg Containers working for you?

    If anyone else is interested and wants to upgrade from your Cardboard boxes & Rubber maid Containers to more Secure, Lockable, Stackable, Weather & Bug Proof containers with Foam Inserts.

    I have a Sale Thread in the Junkyard.. (Hardigg Cases)

    By the way this is how I store my Trek Uniforms & Props.... :)

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  11. Grave

    Grave Well-Known Member

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    in a corner. mine stands together on its own. no dummy required
  12. Jehudah Design

    Jehudah Design Well-Known Member

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    I used to have all my fabric and hard parts in a medium sized cabinet next to the bed, but unfortunately this apartment was built by morons, so one day I noticed that a dripping pipe inside the cabinet had made mold on all my fabric parts. Later the cabinet was cleaned out and the pipe was fixed, then I mounted a 3 meter long fiberglass rod from one side of the room to the other where I hang all my costume fabric parts neatly for display on the one side of the rod and hang my regular clothes on the other side. Other than that, I have most of the armor parts inside the cabinet again and the helmets on display here and there in the apartment.
  13. PaperMashia

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    Mine hang in my closet. But the Rubbermaid tub is a great idea...
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  14. Apollo

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    Ditto I would be lost without mine!

  15. TK-2126_MD

    TK-2126_MD Well-Known Member

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    The green one is and flat black one are used mostly for trasport from event to event, but all my costumes fit on all 4. they are all EDAK cases, 3 wooden, 1 aluminium.
  16. Cal

    Cal Well-Known Member

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    I got a few of these from lowe's, They are stackable and I lined them with foam and they lock with a heavy lock. Your costume is very safe in this, plus I can fit my entire Boba Fett with room to spare and it fits in the back seat of a compact car.

    Shop CONTICO Pro Tuff Bin at
  17. Moosedan

    Moosedan New Member

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    Very cool paint job with those!
  18. Philyra

    Philyra Member

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    I have a dedicated closet for the hanging bits and I am not good about storing the rest, kinda bundled up at the top or bottom of the closet. My fiance is not happy about it at all. I need to do a better job of storing them.
  19. KristinaLeigh

    KristinaLeigh Active Member

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    I used to just have a dedicated closet in a spare bedroom but then I outgrew that...then it eventually moved to my basement in bins. I did not like all of my fabrics, supplies, and costumes down there for fear of the basement leaking. So finally I got my own "costume storage". ^^


    This is crappy cell picture but you get the idea. I got a climate controlled storage space locally and have organized everything into bins...Fabric bins stacked on the sides, costumes and accessories on one side, then notions/supplies on the other. It works great and I know what I have, so I don't go buying all the same stuff plenty of space to grow into! ^^ And my costumes are easy to get to for trooping, parties, cons, or whatnot.
  20. STpropguy76

    STpropguy76 Active Member

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    Bumping my Hardigg/Pelican Case Sale thread.


    I have many in all sizes.
    Mostly White & a few in Green, But can be painted to suit needs.(By You)

    All Previously used by U.S. Military to ship and protect Millions of Dollars worth of Government equipment.
    Hard & Durable ABS Plastic w/removable Foam inserts.


    Stackable, Air & Water Tight, Bug/Insect Proof, Floats in a flood, Stainless Steel Locking Clamps, Carry Handles, Pressure Release Valve, Rubber Gasket Sealed & Paint-able.

    Great for Clothing/Uniform Storage, Important Papers, Props Storage, Traveling.

    Check out my Sale Thread in the Junkyard: Hardigg/Pelican Cases
    Great Prices, Half the Price than found on EBay.

    Did I mention these are as the same Used in Starship Troopers, Avatar, Many other Movies & my favorite Star Trek.

    Star Trek 'Enterprise'
    Star Trek Insurrection (Picard in Captains Yacht)

    U.S. Only, May Consider U.K. & Europe.

  21. moviebuff5

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    I sewed a massive duffel bag that is like a soft sided trunk for my costumes. More fragile items are in a variety of Platt, Thermodyne, etc. cases.

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