Costume/prop reference pics - Dr Who, Batman, Harry Potter and Superman


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So, I've just got back from my Fathers Day treat - which was the day at the Doctor Who Experience in London. It was an amazing day out. Loads of fun. But more importantly, loads of original screen used costumes. Hence this thread. I know there are a few Who costumers on here and I would like to offer the photos I took to anyone who may be interested in them for reference purposes. Also took some 'console' pics (screen used Tennant and the Davidson/Baker/McCoy console).

MODS, if you feel this would be better in the Screen Used section, feel free to move it.

EDIT - I've collated all my pics into a few Photobucket folders to make it easier for anyone that wants to look. Check my post further down for the relevant links and passwords...
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Re: Doctor Who costume / prop reference pics.

Thought it best to clarify which costumes I took pictures of...
5th Doctor
6th Doctor
7th Doctor
10th Doctor
11th Doctor
Capt Jack Harkness (+ close up of buttons)
Prof Yana/Master
Trial of a Time Lord ceremonial outfit
Timothy Dalton Time Lord outfit
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Re: Doctor Who costume / prop reference pics.

Happy Father's Day...lucky guy! :)

I'm interested in the Captain Jack Harkness pics...but I'd love to see all of 'em!! :lol


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Re: Doctor Who costume / prop reference pics.

Ok. If anyone wants any of these, PM me your want list, or email me direct at n_frisby[at] and I'll send them. I would post them here, but there are loads and they are large files (to enhance the details).

Bootlegger - send me an email and I'll send them to you.


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The Photobucket issues are resolved, so as promised...

Doctor Who Costumes and Props - password is 'TimeLord' Who Costume Reference/

Harry Potter Book Props - password is 'JKRowling' Potter Reference/

Batman Begins, B89 AND original Superman...! - password is 'BruceWayne' Reference/

I hope these are of use to some of you, as I'm keen to give something back to a community I have got so much from.
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Sorry, forgot to mention. The Harry Potter props are just a few of the screen used books. The Batman Begins stuff are a few costume pics and some close ups of the police reports Jim Gordon takes from Bruce. The superman bonus is a newspaper used on screen.


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@ NuRF: I just tried to look at the links above and they are password protected. How can I view the pics you posted? I'm very interested. Thank you.
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