Costume Ideas?


Hi Guys,

I'm looking for some inspiration, I've got a Halloween party in October and last year the costumes were actually quite good.

I'm trying to think of something low-tech, or I can buy for about £100, but something that looks vaguely screen realistic, not like the crummy ebay costumes.

I'm 6"2, 50" chest, normally 3XL t-shirt, any ideas? (apart from to lose weight, i'm working on it!) I like most things, Star Wars, Marvel, DC..


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The way I decide my costumes is: I usually see a movie, fall in love with a particular outfit and then figure out if it's reasonably doable. The fun part is researching how to do it and even trying to figure out a way to do it inexpensively. Costumes are possible for less than $100 but you have to be pretty creative and make a lot of stuff yourself. At your height, I'd put you in armor like a giant warlord or put you in a Chewbacca suit.

Figure out what you'd like to be and then work backwards from there (is it doable, affordable, realistic, etc.)

Good luck!


Hovito loincloth

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If you're a larger guy all round there's always the Hellraiser Butterball cenobite or a variation on it. Dunno if you can get any pvc clothing in Norwich but there's always the "private" shop on st augustines:lol


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I kinda agree with Brulafu, Bane would be a cool costume (you could even perhaps go for the new Tom Hardy version).

In my personal opinion, it all depends on the body type, you say your 3XL, but is that because of a large muscular upper body or not?, do you understand what I mean?

If I ever have to think of a costume I look at my favourate characters and see which ones have similiar structures to myself, and slowly narrow it down from there.
And thats the reason I have never went to a Halloween party dressed as catwoman....


I have a tall upper body, only 32" legs, but it's not muscular, definitely not enough for Bane anyway.

I liked Beast in X-men (first class & x3) but that seems a bit impractical!

Chewy is a good shout, I've been Vader before (for the episode 1 midnight showing, I'm so cool!)

I quite like the idea of fat 60's batman Adam West/Del Boy style

Hmm, catwoman would probably be scarier then butterball


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My friend has a similar build. He bought a kids sized Incredibles costume which stretched out when he wore it. So he was Mr. incredible (pre workout) version. He got a lot of laughs at work. :)

Hellboy would be good too.


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Shrek! That's cool. I don't think you'll need very much body paint for this one, just a bit of neck and the hands. You can mix colours around to get the perfect shade. But be sure to do a makeup test before Halloween. If only to figure out how long it would take to put everything on.

Post some pics when you've got them. ^^


Ha, Ok guys, don't be too mean! It was done on a budget, £50 in total, the fabric was all done the day before and on the day. Everybody at the party liked it, though I was voted as 2nd best costume, beaten out by a pretty authentic looking Edward Scissorhands..

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Still washing green paint off my neck..

Next year I promise to be more screen accurate!
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