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Hello Everyone,

So I have a challenge for charity event coming up at my school/college, were we all get dressed up etc etc. and raise money for charities. This year the theme is Super Heroes and Villains (long story but i had a fair bit to do with it, as its clearly the best theme). Anyway as I began the hunt for a costume I found a really cool ironman one, which no surprise came from this awesome community (like seriously I needed this forum for ever). Unfortunately it seems like quite a complex fibreglass build and likely a bit above my skill set, I also noticed some really cool hulk ones. So I realised that with the wealth of knowledge you guys have you could likely point in the direction of a really cool costume build, this is my senior (year 12 Aus) and i'm one of our captains so would love to get a good costume to encourage others to get involved. So the GOOD news is I found you, the BAD news the event is in 5 weeks time (1 week of holidays + 4 weeks full time study) also I would love to limit the budget to under $100 but can probably get a large portion of resources from my school (Cardboard etc.).

So just to re-cap:
Professional looking costume (good as can get).
Time: <5 weeks.
Experience level: Novice (But I am a CAD student, so like good novice not noob noob novice, know what I mean?)
Budget: approx. $100 (some resources available)

(P.S sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum, I wasn't sure which else would be suited)
(P.P.S I read some of the FAQ's and as a somewhat experienced (2-3years) blender user find this Pepakura unwrapping thing amazing!)

Thanks in advance everyone! and look forward to hearing from you soon. :)

Peace - NC
My advice is pretty simple. Pick a character you love and start! If you pick an easy costume for character you don't care about it's really hard to get motivated. If you pick something you love you're more likely to work through the problems you encounter. Iron Man can be done with craft foam rubber. It won't be as cool as a full fiberglass suit, but it is cheap and doable. I think creative costume solutions are often more impressive than very expensive kits. I mean, you don't really have to fight crime in it, do you? This is just my opinion whatever you do post photos!!! An, good luck.
A professional suit for 100$? Unless you have amazing skills, it won't be that good.
Suits can go from 500 to several thousands depending on what you want
This craft foam rubber idea sounds like it could work! Im Assuming that i would cut out the design from pepskura as per normal and then use these cuts outs to trace and then cut the foam? And the foam would become the main material. Would i go about painting this (putty/smoothing polish paints?) or could i just use the coloured foam and have it as a direct finish? Also do i find this rubber craft foam from any local craft shop? Is thier any particular glue that would be needed?

Many thanks in advance for your help!!!
Craft foam rubber can be found at places like Hobby Lobby or Micheals (any craft store, really). It comes in different colors. A lot of people coat their foam armor in plasti-dip or other resin like material. That can be sanded and painted and looks pretty good. I've never used plasti-dip but I've seen many amazing results from it on this forum.
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