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Costume designers wanted for ACRON: The Prophecy


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Hey everyone,
I'm looking to find some cool people who like designing costumes and character outfits for a SciFi Project I am starting up
I need some help making the characters look awesome.
If you're interested in helping me with my project, please message me.

Project details:
Format: 3D animated action/adventure science fiction
Setting: Earth 2027, Alien planets, Space
Characters: Human, Alien, AI

The wedding of one of Britain's most famous actresses to on of Europe's most famous billionaires is interrupted by their alien abduction.
Awaking months later with no memories of their lives, they must learn once again who they are, and the secrets they hid from each other. With the help of people destined to become their allies, they must fight to get back home and regain what was taken from them.
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