Costume / Cosplay Interviews from Comic Con 2011

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Art Andrews, Dec 25, 2011.

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    Costumer Interviews from Comic Con 2011 - YouTube

    I am going to pretend to be very tactful in my timing on this when the truth is, with everything else we have going on, we just forgot to get it posted up. However, now is a great time since the 2012 costume / coplay season is right around the corner and hopefully this will remind some of you that you have unfinished costumes that need your attention now that Christmas is past!
  2. StevenRogers84

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    Cool video.:) Thanks for sharing Art.
  3. Zaxmon

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    She was totally flirting with Captain America. :) It was cute.
  4. HQuinn

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    Nice video!!! Wish you guys would have been able to talk to my friend. She was the curly redhead cosplaying Captain America in garter belts and a corset.
  5. Snxi

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    oh, that was fun to watch, tnx !

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