.'.Costume Contest on the hunt at Con Nooga Con.'.


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I liked the guy with the Arnold accent shouting, "KILL ME! KILL ME!" It's a good thing for the audience that you didn't follow through, or that would have been the end of the contest.

Good looking performance there. Did you feel the love of the crowd when you were up on stage?


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Thanks, yes the crowd really got us feeling pumped when they started cheering and stuff. It realy felt great knowing they loved the Predator. We won too so that was an awesome way to end the Con. This was the second costume contest I've entered and won in my Predator suit. The first being to a packed out club for Halloween. I didn't build my suit (with Lair help) to win cash and prizes but it does help recoup some of the cost. But mostly I enjoy making others smile and getting to be the creature we all love for a day. Isn't that why we all do it though? :cry:


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Cant wait till my suit is finished!!!! (few more weeks to go) To have reactions like u guys did will be a really good feeling!! good job, way to do the Lair proud!!!

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