Costume Base costume for Life Size display?


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its how much you can put up with, cos as you said, it for your own display rather than trying to meet any particular standards aside from your own eye.

they are very much on the budget side of costuming. Most bits kind of look the part, but if you arent very anal abt it or willing to mod it yourself, they more or less do the job. The materials also tend to be on the budget side ie thin cotton-y stuff. But workmanship is pretty decent for the price and simon has good comms.

some stuff is not bad eg the jedi belts and pouches are decent, TIE flightsuit

Some stuff is decent with mods , eg the jedi - which required modding to make it acceptable to RL standards.

some stuff is just not worth the cash eg the endor trooper helmet donuts

hope that helps


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If you truly wish to spend your hard-earned pennies on costumes, do it at least with people who may bring you a good result. As far as their Solo stuff isn´t bad, and perhaps their belts, I´d steer away from them as far as I could. PERHAPS the X-Wing Pilot suits could fulfill your needs too, but as far as I´ve seen, that´s it.

Then again, depending on the suit, this Forum offers you a wide variety of good costumers, myself included. :)
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