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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Addman, May 18, 2012.

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    I'm building a series (3) of full body a armor costumes. Right now im worried the costumes have alot of round shape and curves and I don't know what method and material is best for the round and curves.

    Current plan is:
    Model parts in maya
    use papakura make templates (not good with really round shapes)
    Trace to Eva foam or fun foam
    paint with wood glue
    And eather use fiber glass or Smooth cast

    Does anyone know of a better way of making costume that have alot curves then this way
  2. venator

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    Eva foam and a heat gun :)
  3. Indigogyre

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    Well, for really round shapes of a hemi-sphere nature you could vacuum form them with plastic for a hard shell. Eva will mold over round objects as mentioned earlier with a heat gun. You could sculpt, mold and cast the round parts. You could use the bondo method with pepakura for the round parts.

    If you are going to be making three identical suits of the same size it might be better to do pepakura with bondo and then mold and casting the parts. It all comes down to time, effort and cost.

    Each is a viable method though.


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