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hello all :)

i'm a UK based RPF member, and a massive fan of the BBC series "Sherlock". the series was all about bringing Sherlock Holmes into the 21st century (for anyone who didnt know). the show was styled beautifuly, and the jewel piece has to be sherlock's coat:

i know the original was the Milford model by Belstaff, and it was discontinued; which is fine, because i simply cannot afford to shell out £1350 for a coat! i have however, found an alternative on the website Cosplay Sky | Movie Costumes,Cosplay Costumes,Halloween Costumes | in wool. i'd love to wear this as an everyday coat throughout the winter, so i was wondering if anyone had purchased from them before and could give a review (of sorts) or information about the product quality, customer service, postage...etc.

here is the coat: Sherlock Holmes Wool Cape Coat Cosplay Costume |

also, if the website's a no-go, i'd appreciate it so much if anyone could post some coat patterns of similar style? thanks to everyone who reads and contributes :)


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I haven't ever dealt with them before, but just by looking at some of their stuff I'd say that their materials and accuracy are pretty poor in quality. I don't want to speak for anyone else here, but you should look into going through Indy Magnoli at Magnoli Clothiers. I've purchased a few things from him, and I have nothing but praise. From what I've seen, he can pretty much recreate anything you could want clothing-wise. If you don't mind shelling out a little bit extra, you'll definitely get the quality you're looking for (and for what I'd assume a much better price than the Belstaff, but don't quote me on that!).


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I've heard a lot of bad reviews against them as well, where customers don't get what they paid for, it never ships, sewing is done horribly, the list goes on. I won't ever buy a costume part made by another country just because I can imagine it as a sweat shop.


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I actually disagree with the comments above. I have bought from cosplaysky a few times and the items have always been very good. So much so that I have just ordered another jacket from them. I admit the materials used are not always the same as the materials used on screen, but they don't claim it to be and for the price the costumes/clothes are very good. As for shipping I always seem to get my items within 2 weeks from order and that it pretty quick from overseas. So do not believe everything you hear....


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If i am not mistaken cosplaysky is also known as cosplayying on ebay.. I have dealt with them in the past and am happy with my purchase from them... they usually got back to be fairly quickly with an answer to any questions i had..

Dave Ward

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Not to be that person, but you get what you pay for. From what I've seen, this store seems to be the best at this price point.

Coat looks ok, but the lapels seem a bit ridiculous.


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thanks for the replys. so mixed reviews, eh? @bogeyphobia99, trust me, i'd loveto be able to ask indy at magnoliclothiers to do the coat, but because he hasn't made the coat (yet) i'd have to order it as a "custom coat" which is £512. i simply cannot afford to spend that money on something i want to wear in snow, wind and rain :( @thorneyboy, i see you're from the UK too? are you able to post pictures of your costume items? also, what's the delivery time like? @twistedxknights, can you post pictures of your costume items too? it'd really help me make my decisions :)

on a slightly different note, are there any sewing patterns similar to the coat? i know there's one or two frock coat patterns that are similar to the overall look of the coat that could be modified. i'm asking because the seamstress who's made one or two dresses for family members said she's charge about £50-60 to make me a coat if i found the any help is much appreciated :)

thanks guys!


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Dark Ecru Brown Long Trench Coat Costume Custom Made |
Dr Who Doctor Who Brown Pinstripe Suit blazer pants Costume |

I ordered that from them for Halloween two years ago. They asked for measurements and even emailed me back when I made a mistake putting size 46 instead of size 36. The package arrived in about 3 weeks. When it arrived one of the sleeves inside lining was sewed wrong. They offered to pay to have it shipped back but I just got it fixed here. To make up for it they gave me 20% off my next purchase. I was very pleased with them. The quality of of the costume was awesome. What they had messed up was taken care by their good (with very bad english) customer service. I give them 5 stars. Hard to find that kind of product at those prices.


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Service and delivery from them is good. They do deliver unlike some sellers. Materials are a bit thin but as stated, you get what you pay for.


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I ordered the Joker blazer and I was happy, answered all my questions in email and live chat, resonably priced shipping to my door and everything fit as it should.


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I've gotten the Imperial officer's belt (and uniform) from them and the quality is amazing! My mom was a bit shocked that it came from Shanghai, though! :lol
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For what it’s worth: I ordered from them once and received the costume in good quality and in reasonable time (from China). BUT: if you want/need to return anything you are SOOL; you will be asked to ship to China which is cost-prohibitive. In fact, they proposed I should sell the article myself.


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Their stuff is a hit and a miss. I purchased their Luke Skywalker jedi outfit and ended up replacing everything but the under shirt. I still need to do that. Quality as they claimed was not there.


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My experience with cosplaysky has been nothing short of a horror story. I ordered two costumes and a wig from cosplaysky for an event that would take place in a months time, which I made sure to explain in my order. My previous experiences with cosplaysky had been extremely positive, so I had complete confidence in the company and their ability to get my order in before the due dates. Unfortunately the company nearly failed me.

I contacted them almost 2 weeks after I placed my order because my order was still processing, even though payments had gone through the day after ordering. Cosplaysky ignored my first message and when they did respond, they avoided my question of when my orders would be shipped for almost a week. When they did answer me they informed me that it would be shipped three days before the event. When I expressed my concerns that my order would not be received in time for the event, they brushed me off and refused to ship it until that date despite it being completed at the time of the message. I continued emailing them, pleading with them to send it in time for my event and after continuing to be rudely brushed off, I posted my frustrations online. They contacted me later that evening and told me they would not ship my order until after I removed my post, to which I then informed them that I would not remove my post until I have confirmation that it had been shipped and arrived on time. They then told me that they would ship it, but two days before the needed date. I informed them that if my order did not arrive before the needed date not only would I not remove my post, but I would demand a refund as well. Even after my order was shipped, I continued having issues with Cosplaysky and had to contact the shipping company due that the fact that I had be sent incorrect information.

My order did arrive the day before the event, but unfortunately there were so many errors with the costume, including pieces missing, that I had to spend six hours the night before the event fixing it. These fixes included dying fabric, styling wigs, and fixing major prop pieces. In the end I had to leave the event shortly after my schedule was completed on the first day due to exhaustion. Immediately after the event I was contacted by Cosplaysky for the first time, telling me to remove my post. I ignore the first message due to irritation and exhaustion with the company and within the week I had four more messages asking me to remove my post.

I have been true to my word and deleted said post after nearly 2 weeks of harassment, but I have decided to make this post to let everyone know about this horrible experience. After years of experience with Cosplaysky, I will know longer be continuing with this company. This experience has been horrendous and cost me nothing but pain. In the last year the company has gone from a incredible company with great costumes to a mediocre company with terrible customer service and merchandise that continuously decreases in quality. I will be sharing this experience on multiple forms of social media in order to warn other people about this company. I am sincerely upset with my experience and I hope that this stands as warning to others who wish to order from this company to tread lightly.
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