CosplaySky Captain America Boots--Anyone Have Opinions on Them?


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Hi guys and gals.

I'm working on a generic Captain America costume. It's not from any one particular source, however, most of the components have come from the "Avengers" movie costume.

The boots, though, I was thinking about going with something a bit more "throwback" to original Captain stuff.

I found these while browsing around Ebay, and they seem to kind of look the part.


(Photo is from CosplaySky's page)

What I was thinking of doing was basically using those boots, then putting some form of "shin guards" over them. I would probably make the shin guards basically the same thing as the gauntlets I've made, but obviously larger to fit the boots/my leg.

I was just wondering if anyone has used boots from CosplaySky? If so, what were your thoughts? Good, bad, terrible?

I would like to do the boots from the Avengers suit, but I'm being realistic with my skills and abilities. I just don't think I would be able to pull something like that off. My other options are to basically try to make some gaiters that look "good enough" and then get some red leather paint to go on some black boots I've got, or to work on trying to make a foam piece that would hook to the boots to make them look like the ones from the movie.

I do like the look of those retro ones, though...would be kind of a cool option for the costume, I think.

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