Cosplay is Not Consent


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I hope this is posted in the right area :)

My friend has set up a petition to try and raise awareness for cosplayers who are being touched inappropriately at comic conventions. The aim is to convince the convention organisers (specifically MCM) that this is a real issue and to hopefully get more awareness signs into comic conventions (like the one in the picture below). If the petition is successful then there is no reason why it cannot influence conventions around the world, helping to create a safer and less intimidating environment for everyone.

Please sign the petition. Any input is welcome.


Any support you can give is much appreciated. Thank you.


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Here in my country we are in a campaign agaist gender violence. I adhere to your cause. I have a daughter and she and her friends cosplay. I´m surprised with the number of posts on this matter.


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Yes, it is surprising just how much this still happens in today's society, but the reality is that most victims are too shy to say anything and for some, it is only later that they even realise it has happened. Hopefully this campaign can raise some awareness to this, and highlight the negative effect it is having on cosplayers around the world.

1500 signatures and counting!


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Just a couple of hours ago we had several multitudinary marches agains gender violence across the country. The motto was "NI UNA MENOS" I think it could traslate into "NOT ONE LESS" (in spanish the phrase is femenine, but it is intended to include all kind of gender violence) We are trying as a society to understand and combat all kind of gender violence. And to tuch a girl or a boy, or make rude insinuations, insulting,etc IS violence.
Hope this initiative goes on.


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I signed. What freaks are thinking that groping anyone is OK. If anyone touches my daughter or wife, well let's just say that they better get used to prosthetics...GM


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signed, its something we would not accept in everyday life a cosplay convention is no different, i know some girls/women wear costumes that if they cough there spill out of but it dose not give anyone the right to cop a feel or be lewd. its supposed to be a fun event its bad enough with the general grief cospayers get because there in a costume. good luck hope it makes a difference :thumbsup
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