Cosmo Gun WIP

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A 3D rendering of my dream model that I want to make into a physical object.

It's the Cosmo Gun, AKA Astro Automatic, from the Space Battleship Yamato anime TV series from 1974.

It still needs some details finished and I've been fiddling with it off and on to see if I can work it up into a design that could be made as a kit with lots of room inside for batteries etc and some moving parts.

The problem is I can't afford to have 3D masters printed up for making molds. Getting it done on an Objet printer would be ideal.

For references I took a bunch of screencaps from the anime and a side view drawing I found online, which looks like it could be the animators style sheet for the gun. I also found pics of several toy and garage kit versions of it, most of which are wayyyy off from the drawing and the show.

What makes doing Yamato props especially difficult is the animators often made slight variations as they worked in parallel to rush the episodes to completion, in some cases finishing up not long before broadcast time. I figure the variations were the ways the animators signed their work. "See the rounded trigger guard? I did that scene. Hiro did the ones with the squared off trigger guard."

So here's a rendering and a pic of a crude, 4 or 5 hour build model based on the digital version. Another week before Fandemonium (2009 this time) rush job. Made it to go with my Yamato crewman uniform I made in 2008.

I cut slices of the model, did high resolution wireframe renders of the slices, converted the bitmaps to HPGL/1 files then printed them full size on an old HP pen plotter for cutting patterns. Used those to cut slices of masonite to layer together along with some shoebox cardboard to get the frame width roughly right. There's a lot of bondo on it, which I smoothed up freehand against an end mill in my milling machine. (Scary? You betcha!) I also freehand milled the bondo fillet step along the bottom of the barrel and ends of the trigger guard, same for the safety lever recesses and the flat sides of the PVC pipe upper part of the barrel. Safety levers are cribbage pegs sanded flat on one side with a belt sander, (Speed! Hurry! Gotta get done so I can pack my suitcase!) glued on next to finish washers. The grips are pieces of pine paint stir sticks glued edge to edge, cut to shape, recess near the top hogged out with belt sander then stained and sprayed with clear lacquer. (My resin casting curing ex-food dehydrator is very handy for speed drying paint.) the barrel extension is mostly a hardwood dowel with a plastic pipe fitting that has another bit of dowel JB-welded on top and a pair of failed 1940 Nash knob castings lathed and bonded together for the tip. Most of the time went into that barrel extension.
I didn't have time to make the magazine releases, which should be in the grip notches behind the trigger area.

And for completeness, a pic of me in my SBY costume in 2008, with slightly modded NES Zapper and pants legs too long. I made the belt buckle and the holster, which surprised me by also fitting the Cosmo Gun prop.

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Hey there! I love the 3D model. I have recently purchased a furnace and am looking to make one of these out of metal. I am pretty good at mold making (I will have more pics of my work up soon). and I would love to team up with you to make this guy a reality. Let me know.


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Haven't done anything with it since I made the post above. I have a big CNC knee mill I'm refurbishing and refitting the electronics on. Still have plans to do something with this, make a hollow plastic resin model kit or something. I want to do moving parts, trigger that pulls, magazine releases that work, a sideways adjustable rear sight, safe/fire levers that move and make the thing out the back able to telescope forward into the frame.

If you want the model I'll share it as it is. If you can use trueSpace COB that's easiest. Or I could export it in some other format trueSpace will write to.

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