Cosmic Cube - might be making one, wanna help? spoilers ahoy!


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Decided I might wanna get a cosmic cube made, so I checked with the crystal factory and they said they can do it.

Basically, just a big crystal cube, light blue, probably matte finished if not clear.

Here are some pics from the movie, so let me know what size you think it should be.

I am torn between 3" cube, and 4" cube. I don't think it's anywhere near 5".









So... what size do you think it's supposed to be?

It looks larger than a Hellraiser Lament Box which is 3", but not necessarily by a lot. Hugo Weaving is apparently 6'2", but he'd have to have massive hands to cup a 5" cube like that. Looking at the 4th pic I want to say about 3.5" to 4", unless Mr. Weaving is known for giant paws.
They were smaller than that, I remembered incorrectly. The hole I made in the case for Thor was 4".
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I would say around 3.5. It does look slightly bigger than a hellraiser box but not by much.
I'm gonna agree with 3.5" I did a Buffy Hush Box and it is 4" Sq. With Hugo's size similar to mine, holding the Buffy Box as a visual comparison, it's not lining up with the pics above - Cosmic Cube is definately a bit smaller...
Going for Stormleaders suggestion :)

Thanks for the feedback guys. Hopefully we will have some pics soon.

Nah, just going to do the "led under base" stuff for the lights.

A few ultra bright LEDs on the sides of it or on the bottom should have it shining pretty brightly. If you are pretty good at wiring, I would imagine you can get a dimmer popped in there to have it flicker up brighter and brighter and then calm down to just "ooohhhoo glowy".

I'd say 3 inches for the cube size, I have one of those mood LED cubes (unfortunately not with me right now) and it is 3 inches cubed and it fits perfectly in my hand.
You can get them on ebay.

It looks like the cube was slush cast with clear resin, then with the centre relatively hollow another batch of clear resin was poured inside with a slight amount of blue tint swirled into the mixture, that would give it a nice effect actually inside the cube.
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