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Hey guys,
I was going through some old memory cards, looking at old photos and I came across these pics. Ones that I had totally forgotten about. The story behind them is, a few years back, I had written an 80 page script for a star wars fanfilm. I put together a team of about 15, and we were going to make it. Unfortunately we all went our seperate ways, and the script is sitting on my shelf. However, I begn building models for it. One such model I needed was a shot overlooking Coruscant, showing the chancellor's office building in the foreground. I built a 6'x6' model of city which was gonna be backed by a digital painting. As i stated, we never got that far, but here are the pics I found of the model. I hope you enjoy. It is just a bunch a stuff thrown together, but when I added natural light(for day shot) and mist from my fog machine, it looked pretty good on camera.
there's a little bit of everything in there... :thumbsup

As I look close and see allthe bottles etc... I expect Doc Brown to pop out and say...

"I apologize for the crudness of this model the buildings are not to scale..." waving at a remarkable good representation of the downtown made from shoeboxes and coke bottles :D

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Yup! theres a little bit of everything, form contact solution bottles to dvd and vcr parts and of coarse kitbashed models. There are a few x-wing engines, an at-at head, b-wing drive pod, all kinds a stuff! Its kind of a game trying to see what you can find. The model is long gone and I haven't seen these pics for a couple years. Oh and you're right about the excelsier! Actually the whole ship is in there! This was building on a budget, but it worked!:lol
I see AMT MF pieces, AMT Snowspeeder rear grill, a sparrow missile, possible remote controls of various sizes, the underside of the Excelsior hull, ele tronic circuit boards, cockpit part from AMT Vader's TIE. Much more than I can list here.
I have a couple shots that I filmed with the fog and the natural sunlight which made such and awsome effect with the long shadows from the pillars and also some rays cutting through the fog. I never finished the shot with the digital back drop added as well as the air traffic. I'll see if I can dig up the shots and get a screen shot.
Sweet! Noone's spotted the Galaxy class warp nacelle! I'd have been devestated if someone spied it before me!

I also see 2 Refit Constitution class under-saucer easter-eggs, a wireless router, a de-buttoned BEKO TV remote, and an excelsior nacelle. Also the Excelsior saucer and secondary hull mentioned earlier.

Excellent work. It has a real "Coruscant" vibe to it. When I opened the first pic, I thought
Oh yeah, that's the place they flew through in Episode II - hey wait! I recognise these shapes!
I didn't see any of that stuff i just thought it was cool
and refreshing nice job! :lol:thumbsup Hope you finish
it one day!

Thank you very much for the comment. Sadly, the model is long gone. As I said earlier I do have some shots I filmed. im gonna try and get them finished and post a screen shot or even a video of them.
What happened to the 'taco bell building'? it says that in an empty spot in one of your pics.

Ha Ha! I called it the taco bell building because it was made from a plasic taco bell cup turned upside down and painted with detail glued on. If you look at the second pic, the building in the middle is the taco bell cup with detail glued all over it. :lol
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