correcting the thor disguise toy hammer


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so, i got the hammer from TRU via the PIF (thanks Steve :) )
as its not available in my country.

now as nice as it looks, it has some flaws

first of all: the leather cover for the handle is just painted plastic.

the leather grip is Pleather,and attached with a plastic knob

the color sheme is weathered, and it looks kinda cheap.
also it has the casting marks on both sides

the handle is slightly movable, as the top part is hollow.

its way too light, and a little flimsy

soo, paint is not a problem. i got me some silver spray paint, and im gonna start painting the head soon.first some filling and sanding to remove the marks from casting

for the leather part, iwas thinking about just sanding the casting marks on the handle, repainting the whole thing in silver (as the paint of the leather is not clean and goes over the "visible metal underneath part), then using thin leather, cutting the fitting strips from it, and using a thin leather band to tie it together. also, some spray glue on the handle, so that it doesnt move.

the bottom of the handle with the grip, remove the pleather band with the knob, insert a steel rod all the way to the top of the hammer, and use insulating foam to keep it in place.

for the head part, im not sure how to fill it, i would really like too, tho

so, i got one question: is there a safe way of removing the handle from the head, as that would make filling the head way easier

Yep I'm working on modifying this hammer too. KevinG is spot on. The handle is simply screwed in with a little dab of glue on the top. The one I got was so loose that it just popped off.
I drilled a hole the entire width of the handle and imbedded a wooden dowel the correct diameter into the head which I filled with plaster. You could easily use other things such as expanding foam or resin.
My plan from here is pretty much exactly what you said: sand, paint, wrap the handle with some leather and display.
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