Correcting the CB Officer Hat (Star Wars)


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The Costume Base is a pretty nice budget officer hat, but it has problems: the front and back cap is really wobbly and without shape. For the price I really cant complain about the shape or the crappy imperial disc, nor the 100% cotton marking inside, even if the hat is 100% NOT cotton. ;)

Here it is, plastic imperial disc replaced with aluminum dito.

I visited my mum (aw how sweet ;)) and she has done a lot of work earlier making clothes and stuff, so she is great at fabrics and sewing, something Im not. I brought the hat and some reference from the films and she was kind enough to help me work on the hat. Heres what we -or more importantly she- did:

First we undid the seems from the visor back to the middle of the side, releasing the flaps from the crown.

When enough was undone we started to fold the flaps into the crown, pinning it trying to see how much needed to be taken away. We tried a few times untill we were happy with the look.


She then did her magic with her sewing machine, and some hand sewing as well, sewing the lining, crown and two flaps together (this is where I would have messed up totally). Here you can see how much we took off from the flap parts. (This was then cut off.)

And here is the result:

Still need to do some gentle ironing, getting a good fold where the flops goes into the grown, but I gotta say Im really surprised the differences this work did to the hat. The flaps sits much tighter and it looks more like what we see in the films. So hats off to mum!
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