Correct t-1000 motorcycle cop jacket?


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Hi guys, Im currently putting a sculpt a version of the t1000 bike cop when he gets frozen.

Im wondering if anyone knows where the correct bike cop jacket can be found?

There are some small pics in the winston effect, but a source for the original jacket would be awsome. even if it was just ref images for me to sculpt from.

I have a suitable helmet, so might need to sculpt the jacket I guess...

Let me know guys

I don't know how that sculpting thing you actually use the jacket in the sculpt, as in harden it with resin???? Or do you simply use it for reference? I have a SA 18" tall figure in bike cop dress of the T-2 figure that I used as reference for mine. As you know, the jacket is a basic military style nylon "Eisenhauer" (did I spell that right) length police jacket. Most haven't changed styles in years....Police departments aren't trend setters. I don't know the exact brand used but most manufacturers try to keep their short jackets "uniform" to match the bigger departments like LAPD. The only suggestion I have is to Google uniform shops around LA. Ask if they carry the aforementioned nylon jackets that LAPD traffic cops buy from them. If the answer is "yes", look at the style they suggest on line. If it matches, Bingo. Also...I can't say for sure, but most big police agencys here have police museums. Don't know if they have one or have pics of their stuff on line but it's worth a try to check.I doubt the style is different though. I know you would like the exact manufacturer but that seems unlikely without someone who has the original coat. Some uniform manufacturers will actually say meets LAPD standards or LAPD style. Then you know you are on the right track. Good Luck!
Sanctum Studios has pictures of their 1to1 T-1000 in the forum and their jacket is correct. You could see if they will give up their source. Anyway, it has flapped front patch pockets and epaulets on the shoulders.
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