copyright free maps of LA county?

Wes R

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I want to recreate this map from fallout
but I haven't been able to find a copyright free map of the area to use. I've tried using a print out of that area and tracing it but it just doesn't turn out right when laying out the roads and such by hand. Has anyone seen good maps of this area that are copyright free that i could use? I wish there'd been higher res pics of this map in the game files but it wasn't all that good even in the game. I know no map will be identical but it still would look neat to make.
I appreciate any help.
I never thought of that. I wasn't sure if they were copyright free. I don't want anyone breathing down my neck lol. Tracing the outline isn't bad it's adding the grid lines that is the issue.
I'm going to check that out. I should see if there is a way for me to find the map on the fallout disc i have and rip it to see if it is a better resolution as i'd prefer having the game one but I thought a nicer real world styled one might be a good thing too.
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