Copyright and architecture, buildings in movies


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Hey folks,

I remember that there were some problems with a Spiderman poster and a famous building being shown.

Was it the flat iron building or the empire state building?

Does anybody know where to find more information on that topic?

I know that production companies are paranoid when it comes to copyright issues, even designer furniture needs to be "cleared" so it can be shown.



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IIRC, it was the towers; there was a poster of Spidey spinning a web between them catching a helicopter. It wasn't a copyright issue, but that the towers were gone.


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I remember there being an issue with the Matthew Broderick Godzilla flick about a building being shown, the Chrysler building, if I remember. The Chrysler corporation allowed the building to be used but only if Godzilla didn't knock it down. I thought they had him go through it, or it got hit by bombs, or something like that.


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I work in games and I know that some buildings / landmarks that are iconic can be protected by law or government. If you really want to use it, you have to license it and apply for a right to use it.
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