CoolButPointless' Book of Origin Replica


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So, I missed out on winning all of the auctions of the screen used copies of the Book of Origin. I really wanted one and with all the good pictures of it and new info on it that came up during those auctions, I decided to make a replica.

This was a pain in the freaking ass because, smartly, everyone selling them didn't do full page scans! But I had enough info to do half a page and, in doing so, I hoped that I would be able to create the rest accurately.

I had the left half of the page but not the right half in a clear straight on view. So I redrew each character until I finished that.

Then I had the right half of the page in a not so clear 80 degree angle to the camera view. I banked on the prop department simply reusing the symbols by either using them as is or flipping them left, right, up, or down. After using Photoshop to perspective correct the right half of the page I was able to place the characters where they needed to be.

So, the "hard work" done, I figured it would be an easy task to create a book out of it. So I printed the pages front and back and set off to figure out how to bind a book.

My first one was glue bound in the "perfect bound" manner of just glue and pages. I have since sold it on eBay to pay for my version two(seen below).

This version has the pages sewn together in groupings of 12 pages(6 sheets of paper folded in half) and glued in a traditional book fashion. The covers were printed on a semi-glossy canvas which, from the pictures of the screen used ones, I think is what they did to simulate leather more cheaply.

Anyway, here it is, my first copy with the new canvas color. Still gotta figure a better way to trim the pages neatly so they're perfectly straight and flush!


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