COOL MOD: Motion activated eyes for T-800 Terminator 2 Endo busts


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Hello folks first post. Here is some info for a motion sensor mod for your endo skull.

I'm always on a budget, so I bought a cheap T-800 endo that came with the Blu-Ray edition of the movie (this one here).

I completely modded this in many ways... took some hints from this forum to put some proper eye lenses with the 'grid' look on them. But most importantly decided to mod it so that the eyes would light up when motion is sensed, and turn off when no one is around.

I'd like to share my mod... Total cost is less than $10! I believe this could be reapplied to any of the other endos (SideShow etc) assuming the LEDs are the same type/rating (likely YES). If not, a very minor modification would be required to the circuit, but definitely can be made to work to suit your needs.

-Eyes are initially off. When motion is sensed, eyes light up gradually (fade-in) in a 1 sec gradual transition.
-Eyes remain on until movement stops, and/or timeout expires (configurable 5sec-18min)
-Then eyes turn off with a fade-out effect that lasts about 3 seconds, for that neat effect.
VIDEO: click for youtube

3 transistors, a few resistors, one capacitor, and a cheap motion sensing module. Futurlec is my favorite resource for inexpensive components. The Motion sensing module is this one, search for part code PIR_MODULE.

Here is the circuit. You will need JAVA to see it in your browser:


It is wired to the three AA batteries that were originally in my endo, so that is ~ 4.5V source.
The Motion Sensor is wired to the same 4.5V source and emits a 3.3V 'trigger' when motion is sensed. This causes the circuit to 'open up' and the eyes to light up. That's the jist of it. You will need some basic wiring skills, soldering skills etc. I am NOT responsible if you endo is damaged or your house burns down! That's just my disclaimer :) This is a simple safe mod. Just do NOT connect a capacitor backwards because they have a nasty habit of exploding. Other than that you really can't mess up too bad here.

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could it be made to work with a 9v and more leds...that would be cool on my delorean im making but i will have alot of lights
This is very cool. I'd like to touch base with you... hoping to see if you can help with applying a similar concept to another Terminator project. Will shoot you a PM tonight.
The cricuit can sure be modified to work on 9V *and* on more LEDS. If you don't have the knowledge, maybe I can help. Would need to know what number of LEDS you want.

could it be made to work with a 9v and more leds...that would be cool on my delorean im making but i will have alot of lights
For the electronically challenged, would you be willing to make/assemble and offer the motion activated eye thingies?
Would anybody think about making something for the Endo eyes regarding to this modification ,so some of us who can install these without complications involving serious saudering and confusion......Cause there is an interest but ,we would hope someone might help to assist us on this matter ,please.........
Sorry I never replied... My endo eyes mod is still working, but I noticed some issues where sometimes it acts up, and have not been able to understand what the cause is. Have not had time to troubleshoot either. If I ever resolve it I will consider building a kit for sale for others to wire up to their projects.
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