cool little harry potter busts


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Well i found a moulding set in my local clearance shop (Home and bargain for you UK'ERS), £4.00 a set.
Voldermort and snape, i expected a little latex mould and a bag of plaster, but there are 2 two piece sillicone block moulds and one plastic mother mould support
So i ran 2 fast cast pieces off, i sealed it with a bit of mould release first
heres the results, these are just tests, i'll do filling etc on the next pair.
Neat little stocking fillers, and could be painted up realistically if you wanted to

They also do harry and dumbledore, i'll pick those up next time
heres the harry set on feabay
Harry Potter & Albus Dumbledore character casting kit BNIB perfect xmas wrap up | eBay
for 4 quid they are great, lol, my last go at one of these was when i was a kid, and you got a little latex mould and a bag of plaster which usually resulted in a mishaped bubble aero bar, i thought i'd make it up with my son, i was surprised at the detail in them
I saw these myself Ian in Home Bargains, but never really took much notice. However in your pic they look really good and well worth the money... I may buy a set ...should be a bit of fun.
Yeah its a neat little set, get a bit of resin if you can though, the plaster is a bit brittle, i'll be looking more closely now for more bargains, lol
I had seen these myself and thought about getting the set of 4. Seeing how they turned out, I may just have to go back and get 'em so my pupils at school can have a go at making/painting them up for an Art lesson.
yeah its a fun way to kill an afternoon, even in plaster they look good, good enough for kids to have fun with,paint them black, drybrush metalic colour over them and done
I used an interferance green as well on these, just lightly drybrushed.
post pics if you decide to do it
I've just been getting them to sew and make armatured stitchpunk dolls from "9" (it's been a 6 week project), so this might be a good project to continue the movie theme. (How's E.T. going BTW?)
I'd like to be in your class howlrunner, lol, we didn't do much like that, ET is still waiting to be finished, got sidelined today making a minotaur bust for my son for his school project.
Hey Dan, they are 4 inches tall,
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