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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Jimbo890, Jun 29, 2006.

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    Well, I'm finally getting around to converting a vintage Graflex 3 Cell flash handle into a lightsaber, and need a few pointers. I have the Blastec kit, and have decided on an ESB minus the second red button. [my own version if you will] mainly because I like the ESB grips, D ring, and circuit board better.

    Now, all the online reference I can find have the clamp facing the bottom of the flashgun. orienting the midsection in the 3:00 o clock direction as oppose to the 9:00 o clock as it is now. On this still working vintage Graflex, the clamp lever is facing the head of the gun. So, am I suppose to reverse the clamp? Also, where should I start with the T grip material, is there an orientation that is most preferred, or just as long as it is equally spaced? Also, the D ring, it needs to be oriented so that when hanging by the D ring, the top of the flashgun is pointing away from the body?

    Any tips would be appreciated.


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    grip spacing templates here
    placement of parts here
    hope this helps :)
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    Ya gotta reverse the lever. Remove top and bottom tube portions from the clamp. Squeeze the rail grips (where the bubble strip goes) together and the pin will pop out a bit. Once the square piece of the pin is out, just turn it around. Reattach the tube, and you're done. :thumbsup
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