Constellation/Stargazer Vacuumform build.


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What a great build.... the Aztec paint is stunning...I've read that the original paint job on the Enterprise for TMP literally glowed in the light..too bad they painted over that..

I am going to have to disagree with many here and probably take some heat, but I think the Stargazer is one of the worst ships build for Star Trek...I always felt it looked like a model. I understand they were under a time and budget constraint when they made the filming model but, they made the Ent-C under the same conditions and she looked good.

I look forward to you progress and the other ships you are making....


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I too didn't like the Stargazer design at first but it has grown on me since. The improvements I'm making to this model are the ones that I feel make it a much better design. :)


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I really like the paint work. The two tone gray with blue accents really makes the details pop in some nice subtle ways. I doubt Paramount had the budget to do that when Jein built the Stargazer studio model (or it was never filmed in such a way to highlight that).

I also may have to steal that saucer mounted deflector dish idea (for a TOS era build I want to do). ;)