Conan the Barbarian - Fidel of Seth costume


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1- Music scene:

2- Here is my first impression of a fidel of Seth pilgrim in his procession way to Mountain of Power, in Conan the barbarian 1982

The costume is very simple and composed of a hood, a robe, an amulet and sandals

Original basic hoods were made of cotton; color white or ecru. I used my original ecru for pattern and sew the white model.

The robe is made of a white double gauze fabric / with a white coton belt (majority are orange but some white can be seen) . I used the pattern of a priest robe which seems to be equivalent.
The fabric part must be gathered to obtain the wave effect. The lower part is a rectangle (3,30 meter x 0,75 meter) to which are added the two upper pieces of fabric which are also gathered at the shoulders, for those one it depends of your height and size. For the arms there are different versions, I chose a slight armhole.

I will double the inside liner robe fabric cause it is transparent with a lot of light. The problem can be seen on some stunt in the movie

Thanks for reading


hood fidel.jpg

fidel seth costume.jpg


valeria disguise.JPG
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