CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982) Wheel of Pain Model Part 6_FINISHED


Jr Member
Well, this is the last part of the mockup manufacturing process.

I hope that Emilio Ruíz del Río would have liked the result.

A lot of plasticine, a lot of plaster, a lot of molds, a lot of rope, a lot of paint, a lot of work and patience ...

The wheel turns and so do the rollers.

Measurements are 50 cm (19,7 inches) in diameter by 40 cm (15,8 inches) in height approx.

Here he left some photos of the finished work and also some comparisons with the reconstructed big Wheel of Pain.

107 (2).jpg
110 (16).JPG
110 (15).JPG
110 (14).JPG
110 (13).JPG
112 (1).JPG
112 (3).JPG
112 (4).JPG
112 (5).JPG
112 (6).jpg
115 (1).JPG
115 (2).JPG
115 (3).JPG
125 (1).JPG
125 (2).JPG
130 (2).JPG
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