Conan Atlantean Sword - Most accurate replica vs Price

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Hall86, Jul 22, 2015.

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    So I bought a knockoff Atlantean sword replica at LFCC on the weekend for a reasonable £80 (bearing in mind it's a convention aswell, so I probably paid £20 more than it's worth)


    I immediately compared it to the original prop and dismantled it upon getting home. It's a full tang (I think) with the securing nut inside the pommel, but the handle itself is hollow plastic. The furnishings are die cast with a brass like exterior finish. The blade is the correct shape, with deeply engraved runes which is nice. A few details are incorrect on the guard but the dimensions of the furnishings are also slightly wrong when compared to the screen used prop. The pommel is again similar but different, with the skull larger and not recessed like the original.

    I plan to modify this one to give it the aged look with the brass patina and dirty up the blade. It'll be fairly easy to re-twine the handle, weather the metal and give it that ancient look. It's not going to look like the original under the scrutiny of an expert, but it'll be a nice counterpart to my accurate replica...

    Which brings me to my question:
    I'd like another replica of this sword, but one that looks accurate to the one in the film without me having to break the bank or heavily modify what arrives in the post. Atlantean sword experts; what's a good middle-ground between accuracy and price?

    • The Albion seems to tick all the boxes, but it's extortionate, so I can write that off the list immediately I think :(
    • The Windlass seems like a good bet at around £280, but the runes on the blade are laser etched it seems. Surely the original sword would have had proper relieved engravings (it goes without saying laser etching is something that wouldn't have been possible in the Hyborian age). Could I buy a Windlass and get someone to engrave the runes properly in 3D? Is that achievable without damaging it?
    • Marto (Toledo) looks almost identical to the Windlass, but it has the proper relief runes on the blade. But that comes in at atleast £450, which is a tad higher than I can justify unless REALLY worth it. The bronze version is the one to go for as the original sword fittings were cast in bronze I believe. But doesn't the Marto have the Conan logo on the blade itself....? I'm sure I could live with that but it seems like an odd decision to do so.
    • Any other options I've missed?

    Thanks :)
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    There is a member on the board named Savage Sword who did a few small runs of both the Atlantean and the Father's Sword which I think were better constructed and more accurate than the Marto.

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