Completed! Wheems project -batteries not included


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I've always liked the movie "batteries not included" and have had a fascination with the robots in the movie. My favorite in the bunch is Wheems. After being unsuccessful in finding a replica I decided to build one for myself. I finally got some time on my hands and decided to model him up. I have plenty more work to do, but thought I would start a thread to show my progress and perhaps get some feedback/help from everyone along the way. With that being said this first picture is a rendering of my progress. Hopefully it brings back some memories for others.



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Thanks Wolfdagon. It's a completely underrated movie. I'm hoping to have some more work completed this week and possibly a trial 3D print to check out a physical version of it. I'll post my progress.


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Wow! That's great. I couldn't find much when I looked. Certainly didn't see the casts from the studio mold. These are really clean too. I wish I had a set. What are the chances of getting another set?


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I have patiently tracked down two resin kits of Wheems and they are both really, really rough. I love this film and these little "bots" and would love to see another run.


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Love this movie! We had a VHS copy that we recorded off the Disney Channel back in the day and I wore it out from continuous viewings. Your model looks great, and I can't wait to see more progress, and possibly even the other robots. :D


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Glad to hear I'm not the only one with great memories of this movie. I think I got the same kits as you guys. They are pretty rough. I decided to print my first test piece. I'm pretty happy with the way it cam out. With that being said there is still a ton of detail work to do before IO move onto the underside and feet. Until then here are some pictures. feel free to comment and critique.
image (4).jpeg
image (2).jpeg
image (1).jpeg
image (3).jpeg


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I loved the robots from that movie! I want to have the whole family as a display piece! They are really great designs.
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