[COMPLETED] Trapper Wolf - The Mandalorian Season 2

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Looks good.

Word of advice, put the leg straps under the flaps of the upper leg pockets or they will trip you up, especially on stairs.
it's screen accurate.



Hey folks! Sorry for ghosting my own Thread for so long. For some reason, it looks like I didn't get any notifications of new posts.

First of all, Rawktrooper and AnthonyD2199 - those are some fantastic finds! Especially the comparisons are super valuable.

In the meantime, I've ordered a flightsuit from Crowprops. Unfortunately, UPS managed to lose the damn thing, just very shortly before Celebration. As an act of desperation, I ordered a suit from Jedi Robe (I know, I know, not exactly the best to support. However, with a deadline of less than 2 weeks, it had to make do). My girlfriend did some fantastic alterations for me and the suit fits nicely now. The pocket placements seem to be about right, with the biggest issue being a collar that is *tiny* compared to my own neck. This has been extended and the front part of the suit was altered to fit me nicely.

Now, I did my first dress up, took some quick photos and submitted it with the Rebel Legion before they close their applications over Celebration. I expect them not to get back to me by Celebration, but that's totally okay. I'll still have to add some paint to the helmet down the line, but for a very first test dressing, I'm extremely happy with the results!

View attachment 1576758
View attachment 1576759
View attachment 1576760
View attachment 1576761
View attachment 1576762
View attachment 1576763
The cylinders, leg flares and compad are 3D prints.

Now, what's left to do?

- Add some weathering to the helmet
- slightly darken and weather the leg flares, as they do seem a bit too bright in my opinion
- maybe eventually (big fat maybe) update the helmet from a Black Series to a FarAwayCreations
- eventually resize the cylinders to be a bit thinner

In its current state, I think this costume is ready for Celebration and I'm extremely happy with how it turned out! I think I really can be proud for this to be my first ever Star Wars costume.
nice looking costume! I'm currently building my own flak vest over on the "ultimate xwing pilot" thread. my costume is probably going to be a hybrid of the ANH and Rogue One suit. I just ordered more fabric to sew my own flghtsuit so hopefully its the right stuff this time.

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