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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by corytrevor, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. corytrevor

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    Here is my take on jedi master luke skywalker. The outer tunic came out a little more grey than I had liked (nothing a simple dye job can fix!) but other than that I'm very excited (especially with the release of phantom menace this week!) Let me know what yall think.





    I apologize these pictures were taken before I had a chance to alter the "death star suit" and have the correct belt, these pictures are old and havent had a chance to take new ones.
  2. Lucien Kane

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    I love the Luke RotJ costume, it's something I'm really wanting to do... Anyways, a bit of constructive criticism. I know you aren't going for 100% screen accuracy which is fine! However I think you'll be happier with the look if you change up a couple of things.

    The whole upper half looks really loose on you, you aren't a fat guy or anything so something that contours to your shape is going to get more of that heroic style look that Luke had in the movie.

    The outer tunic looks a little short, I'd re do that piece and drop it down to about mid thigh.

    The costume looks great, and I'd love to see it with the belt. It's instantly recognizable. If it was my costume though I'd want to change those two things to make it really pop.

    Thanks for sharing my friend!
  3. The Night

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    i agree with kane. it looks a bit too large on you. i'd also go with a slightly darker color on both the outer tunic and the cape. they both seem too light to me. part of it is the lighting in RotJ when he wears the cape makes it seem much darker than it is, but to me it looks more correct in a darker brown.
  4. Sym-Cha

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    Hello there,

    Excellent costume! As a photographer I took the liberty to colour-correct your first image since the overcast lighting is to bright and the ROTJ scene was lit with a kind of blue filter :


    This looks already much better and a bit closer to the original costume, don't you think?

  5. DOGFOX2109

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    Nice work love it!
  6. Egon

    Egon Well-Known Member

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    Looks Great! One of my favorite Star Wars costumes. Really embodies the strengths and weaknesses of Luke's character.

    I agree that it could be a bit more snug. The robe looks awesome! Really completes it.
  7. Dudweert

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    well that a nice piece of work
    did you make that all yourself?
  8. corytrevor

    corytrevor New Member

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    Thanks everyone for the comments, but as I said above I did end up altering the shirt to fit me a little more snug, between the time of getting my measurements for the costume and it actually being made I lost a considerable amount of weight. Also the outer tunic is the only part of the costume I really have a problem, with it being off color and as it was said above it's not long enough, I did have this made though so I'm still happy with it overall.
  9. darienvader

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    Great job on this! I'd replace the vinyl boots with a nice leather boot. A few times wearing those, and eventually the vinyl will start to crack and fall off.
  10. darthgordon

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    I don't know... I know that a longer robe would be more accurate, but for practicality, I don't think I'd do something that drags. People, including yourself end up stepping on it and you end up tripping.
  11. Jerome

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    As others have mentioned, the tunic is the wrong color, but hey, you can be the "grey vest" Luke variation from POTF2! :angel

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