{Completed} Fallout 4 (Pre-War) NukaCola NukaWorld Security Guard

Hey there,

This is my first big build project and i thought it would be fun to share it.

I have played the fallout games relentlessly and loved every moment of them and always wanted to make a top notch build. Originally i was looking at the Brotherhood of Steel and the orange jumpsuits the scouts wear. I thought this would be a winning combination when matched with combat armour.

I mulled over the different ideas and eventually decided that i should do something a little different in honor of the must nuclear drink on whats left of planet Earth, the sweet sweet taste NUKA COLA !

This made me think POWER ARMOUR ! But alas, that has been done before and by the developers too boot. So whats left ?

After playing around Fallout's NukaWorld a bit more i realized what the place was missing security guards (sure it has robot Protectrons and security turrets but what it truly missed was someone to talk to and ask questions too) and if there were security guards they would need to be slick and heavily branded as well as heavily armed.

So the PreWar NukaWorld Security Guard was born ! Clad in a jumpsuit, swish armour and plenty of Nuka Cola bottles and the best high powered laser weaponry that money can buy !

The outfit will consist of the following parts;

1. Custom made Nuka Cola Jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit itself will consist of a red jumpsuit and will have the white trim added later. One embroidered Nuke Cola patch on each arm and a large embroidered NukaWorld logo on the back.

The name tag was purchased from a Kentucky factory and will be added to the jumpsuit.

All parts have been secured just need to assemble this for you guys next week !

download.jpg il_570xN.1623539508_5f17.jpg download (1).jpg IMG_20181031_100644.jpg

2. Combat Armour

The armour will be a mix of light and heavy Fallout 4 combat armour. Light legs, chest and back, heavy arms and a custom security helmet.

The armour will be reasonably pristine and painted in Nuke cola red and white with automotive paints to leave it with a clean shine and nice lines.

Below is the start of the combat armour legs, these were formed from a very light foam and then covered in thermoplastics.

The whole armour will be done like this. With Nuke Cola bottle caps on key areas of the armour and chromed Nuka Cola Bottle openers sitting on the chest piece for added embellishment.

The belt will consist of Micro fusion Cells (Chromed Holsters), as assortment of Nuka Cola bottles (also chromed holsters) and room for my Baton.

IMG_20181029_171854.jpg download (2).jpg

3. Weapons

The set up will consist of a 3D printed laser rifle, cleaned and painted in Nuka Cola Quantum colors with a high chrome finish,

Then a 3D printed (working ?) Thirst Zapper on the right leg armour in a chromed holster.

Then a custom baton (As seen below).



Overall this will be a super clean build, plenty of chrome sleek paint and overall a nice finish.

I will update this post as i work on the project, i am envisaging the whole project to take up-to three months to complete from start to finish.

Hope you follow along on this zany adventure into Nuka Cola's refreshing taste !
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Looking forward to seeing how this comes together. One fun thing about Fallout is you can sort of plan your stuff in-game before making it.
The first real step on this project (to get an easy win) was building my Fallout 4 baton ! As you can see, the top version is an extract from the game while the bottom is my completed version.

I wanted to keep it authentic while also embracing my Nuka Cola theme so i made a number of edits to the original version.

View attachment 905558

Noticeably i added a Nuka Cola bottle cap as the tip of the baton and a lanyard with a Nuka Cola Rocket ship clasp so it can be looped to a belt. (Also props should have slings and lanyards as they do in real life yet you never see them !)

To start building the baton i started with two separate pieces of PVC pipe and connected them by friction and a molded cap so they wont separate. Then crafted the handle out of EVA foam pieces and thermoplastics and sealed the whole thing with a vinyl film to give it a rubber texture.

View attachment 905559

The Nuka Cola bottle cap on the tip of the baton top was 3D printed from scaled parts on thingiverse and given a light sand. (I attached his with a screw and epoxy resin so it would be attached for life.
View attachment 905560

The joiners were formed from thermoplastics and molded into place. The Nuka rocket strap was 3D printed and secured with paracord. I attached two gromits into the rear of the baton so i could loop the paracord through.

The baton is somewhat telescopic, however only one part retracts due to only having two types of pipe on hand, its not make or break but if i were to build it again i would make the whole device telescopic and add in a spring loaded system.
View attachment 905561

Once completed, i gave the whole piece a light sand and sprayed it with a few layers of gloss black.

View attachment 905562

Once completed i chromed the parts with Alclad lacquers and painted the metallic blue with Tamiya Paints through the airbrush and sealed it with a clear coat.

The Quantum logo was painted (Airbrush) with a stencil i printed out and cleaned up by hand.

View attachment 905563

Overall i am quite happy with the first completed part of my build, plenty more to do however so watch this space !






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There are several options:

1) You can find some sunglasses with just the right size and remove the lenses. Or buy some non-prescription glasses from a online shop that has the right size lenses. If you want a specific finish or color, this is best.
2) Find some round safety glasses and remove the lenses. Don't use non-safety rated glass.
3) Use laser-cut acrylic. Acrylic is slightly safer to put over your eyes than raw glass, but it can still shatter if impacted with something at high velocity. (Most likely the hot-glue you use to hold them in will give first). Just don't consider them "safety glasses".
4) Polycarbonate or Lexan would be best for pure safety, but it can't be laser cut, it needs to be machined or water-cut.
5) If you need prescription lenses, it get trickier. I have a pair 100 year old vintage safety glasses that I want to put prescription lens into. They are simple rounds shapes. I could order some online round glasses with my prescription for ~$150 and hope I get just the right size, but instead I plan on taking them to a optometrist with a lab. Most optometrists that have a lab cut their own lenses. They use a reference lens as a master and just trace it similar to how a key is cut at a hardware store.
Sluis Van Shipyards When i was mulling over the idea for the Baton it just seemed like the most obvious choice for a tip !

I can see myself running around Nuke World cracking skulls and shouting that they need more radioactive refreshment !

Coming up (Potentially tomorrow) is the completed chest and back piece of the armour, just need to smooth out some lines from painting.
Another day another portion of my Nuka Armour put together and ready to be hung up !

Today i finally got the last coat of paint on the chest armour for my Nuka Cola Security Officer build ! This took far longer than i expected it too due to the paint scheme fighting me every step of the way. I still have to finish the webbing on this piece but that should be a simple operation with only minor embellishments !


I will run through the build guide for those who are interested !

I started out with some basic foam templates that i downloaded from a well known cosplayer, however these were designed for someone who clearly frequents a gym and thus i scaled up the pieces for myself. I also added the bottle opener, the Nuka Cola Logo and this piece below (I do not know what it is called).

Once scaled up, i cut the pieces out of EVA foam mats (3/4 inchs thick) and then laid a thermoplastic over the individual pieces to give it some strength and a clean base to work from. Thsi was an awkward process and i think next time i would do a much cleaner job of it and also save much more material.


I 3D printed the bottle opener and the Nuka Cola Logo, gave them a sand and a bondo to clean them up (In hindsight i should have done a lot more work on these parts as they didn't come up as chrome as i wanted). I sprayed them gloss black and then came in with the chrome.


I then moved onto paint. I started with a plastic primer then a base coat of black gloss. At this point i tried to hide my sins and conduct some clean up work. Then i gave the both pieces a hit with a chrome spray paint. This took some time but it made the metallic red pop.

Once i had the base coats down i taped it off and sprayed the red then the bone white. I then came back with the stars which were hand painted with an orange outline to make them stand out. The below image was my inspiration for the color scheme, this appears to be inspired by early coke (or Pepsi ?) advertisements.


I sealed both pieces with a clear coat of lacquer (i do not want this to chip or be weathered in anyway) and there you have it ! A one of a kind Nuka Cola Combat Armour Chest

Next i will finish off the leg armour and the shoulder pieces (one of which i hope will have a Nuka-Cade ticket dispenser).

Following that or before depending on when materials arrive i will post my completed Nuka Cola Jumpsuit ! I am just waiting for the embroidery pieces to arrive !

Thanks for following !







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A quick update on this project, having mostly completed the chest armour i have moved onto the thighs, shins and shoulder pads.

Today i will outline the thigh armour !

I started with some templates had found online , however i needed to scale these up as they were rather small.


Then cut these out of low density camping foam, this was really easy material to work with and made the item super light and easy to work with.


Once both were cut out i prepared the thermoplastic, tracing out the pattern and folding it over the foam trying my best to capture all the detail i had put onto the foam.

Once i had both pieces nicely formed and cooled down, i added my 3D printed Nuka Cola Bottle cap to add some more life to the piece. I found these on Thingiverse and scaled it to fit.


Then i moved onto paint, i coated the piece with a plastic primer so it would take better then laid down a layer of gloss black. The Gloss black gives a strong foundation and makes any metallic paint shine much brighter (This technique is known as under painting).

I followed this up with a chrome layer and let that dry.


Then i taped up the areas i wanted to remain chrome and laid down a metallic red layer. I then sealed both pieces with a lacquer clear coat. I want to prevent chipping at all costs on these pieces.


Once i had the piece sealed i came at it with my airbrush and used a matt black to darken the recesses and then added the stars in by hand.

I buffed the bottle cap (in hindsight this needed more attention) and attached strapping to mount it to the armors belt.


Tomorrow i will post up the shin guards and the shoulder guards.

Thanks for following.







Short uodate, I recently completed a nuka grenade from fallout 4 for my Nuka Cola Security Guard build. 3d printed and then sanded. Then gloss black paint and chrome. Then airbrushed a metallic blue. All sealed in a laquer !

Quite happy with it, however I think the Nuka plates really didn't work out properly ! I tried to bend them and they warped badly.


Still like it and it will be a nice addition to the outfit.

Sorry that i have not been posting recently. I have been so busy with the holiday season that i haven't had a moment to post !

This project is very nearly completed and i will be posting a number of items today as well as showing what needs to be finished off.

Now without further ado, i will start from the head down !

Firstly, i finished off my helmet built !

I wanted to mimic the look of the Vault Tec security guard helmet as opposed to the combat armour look. The combat armour helmet seemed far to complex and was not really designed with customization in mind. The security helmet by contrast gives you lots of real estate to expand and add content. This build is based on my own ideas inspired by Fallout so i didn't feel bad for mixing and matching.


I constructed the helmet using Etsy templates that i heavily modified. You can find them here ! My only complaint i have with these templates is that which ever way i keep printing it, the printer seems to trim half the lines off so they are just blank and i have to refill them in. Very annoying to use but overall a solid template and for a couple of euro it saved me alot of work.


Once the foam was put together, trimmed and cleaned up, i laid worbla on top of it. As you can see ithe helmet looks a little beaten up and this is not by design. This was more due to badly laying on the worbla and attempting to fix it than an aesthetic choice.


I added a dollar store light on the side to act as a torch and then a Fast helmet beacon from my air soft helmet on top and then a cycle light to the back. In addition i added a temperature gauge to the back and a microphone to the side. These were just little touches to give the armour some personality and function rather than plane jane. I also added a security badge which came from a Friday Night at Freddys print file !


I then added the visor which is foam wrapped in worbla and secured with two bolts. The visor is temporary as i am having a piece cut to fit this perfectly.

Finally i added two straps from a dog lead as a chin guard.

To finish this process off i gave the whole thing a pray of gloss black paint and then followed up with a chrome.

Once dry i applied a gloss red (the metallic red was all used up unfortunately). The trim was hand painted with Vallejo bone-white and given far too many layers. I followed this up with some hand painting of the stars and the Nuka on the side. I then sealed wit with Lacquer and applied a couple of details with the Airbrush.

Overall i was happy with this build and it seems reasonably well on my head, if doing this again i should have laid down some Bondo to cover cracks and gaps instead of hot glue, but i became impatient and thus i am left with a number of flaws.

Next up the Cappy Glasses!


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Once the Nuka Helmet was completed i moved onto a nice pair of Nuka Cappy glasses. The observant amongst you might ask why would you be wearing novelty glasses given to children in Nuka World while simultaneously wearing a security helmet with a visor on it. The observant may ask this and i would reply because when i go to cons people will ask why i do not have Cappy glasses ?

Given that quite obvious question i decided there was no other choice but to build Cappy glasses. Thus i went to Thingiverse and sought out a pair of Cappy glasses !


I know there are multiple files out in the ether to build these but i stumbled upon these first. In hindsight these files could do with a little more support on the connections between the glasses and the legs as mine snapped fairly quickly. I was using PLA and at 200 microns so perhaps my own fault. Once printed i proceeded to snap them once i had put them together. I cursed the Printing gods and then fixed it with some worbla and glue. At this point i attached a small Nuka Cola logo on each side.

Then it was a matter of sanding and priming and sanding and priming. I gave the glasses a shot of matt red and a coat of varnish. I found a pair of novelty glasses and raided there lenses. They do not sit right at all unfortunately but they do look good enough to not be noticed unless you get close.


I toyed with the idea of adding the Cappys to the front but could not figure out how to do it in such a way as would allow me to see through them zapwizard had plenty of good ideas on the subject however ! Thus i left them off as i wanted maximum vision while on the con floor.

If i was building these again i would thicken up the connectors and print in ABS with very small layers to give good strength and shorten the sheer amount of sanding required. In addition i would try and get the Cappys printed onto a see through decal (They do exist!) otherwise i am reasonably happy with these.

They sit under the helmet relatively well !

Next Up is the Nuka Cola Jumpsuit !


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Have you ever bought something and thought this is going to be great !

I have the perfect place for this and then put it in a terrifically intelligent place where you know you can find it when you go looking and then immediately lose that thing you loved ?

Well the Nuka jumpsuit makers me feel like this. I had the below patch made by a maker in Russia, one for each arm and they were lost ! Gone ! Poof ! I received them and i lost them and they need to be remembered !


Needless to say i persevered. To make a Nuka Coal Jumpsuit i tried first to match the colour. I used the following image as my base and found a jumpsuit that seemed to be the close enough match that i could get affordably.

Thus i purchased myself a Dickies Jumpsuit from the UK in orange ! The picture is hardly flattering but its close enough ! Its actually alot more orange than the picture lets on.


Once i had the jumpsuit i identified a number of key components, namely i needed the following ;

1. Name Tag (Couldn't find my name unfortunately)
2. White Trim
3. Weathering
4. A Nuke World symbol on the back.

I picked up the name tag off Ebay, which apparently came out of jumpsuits from a Kentucky factory ! Clarence sounded pretty 1950's so i went with that !


The white trim was white fabric simply sowed ( and in parts glued) to the jumpsuit to give it the correct look. Unfortunately accuracy suffered on the zip portion as i would of had to replace the entire zip assembly to get it perfectly accurate. I decided that this was too much work for such a minor detail (Although i remember it and it annoys me).

Weathering was kept to an absolute minimum due to this being a prewar build, however i roughed up the knees and elbows and generally beat it up a little. What jumpsuit is not a little bit beat up ?

Finally the NukaWorld Logo ! I gave this plenty of thought and eventually decided that i needed some embroidery ! I reached out to tons of suppliers and all quoted me crazy prices. 110 Euros from one crowd ! Eventually i went to a local air soft dealer who did patches on the side. I got this sweet patch which is 6 inch by 12 inch for 21 euros ! I was over the moon !


Once all the pieces were collected the jumpsuit was assembled and overall i was quite happy with it. I still can not let go of the fact that i lost my shoulder patches or that the zipper is incorrect but otherwise i am pretty happy !



Next up is the Nuka Pip-Watch and glove !


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When putting this build together i remember reading over a post someone had on FB where they were trying to argue that an NCR ranger should be wearing a Pip Boy, i thought to myself "not really as he was never in a vault, thus why would he have a pip boy". No sooner had a commented this that i thought, wait does this mean i cant have a pip boy on my build ?

In truth a Pipboy would not make sense for a Nuka World staff member to possess, but what about a Pip watch prototype ? That might make sense ! Thus i ventured off into the land of dreams and modelling and pulled this beautiful model from Thingiverse ! This was a joy to work with and was effortless to print ! Once it had popped out i went at it with sandpaper !

Cleaning it up took a few hours due to the narrow crevices and awkward lines, but nonetheless i got it cleaned up. I then added a number of screws for strength and for aesthetics. Once cleaned up i primed it and hit it with a chrome, then i proceeded to add rust and damage to the model. Once completed it looked like it did below !


However i was unimpressed by this and thought i can do better so i sprayed the whole thing with hairspray ! Then applied a coat of matt red, using some hot water and an earbud i peeled off the top layer of red and revealed some of the weathering below ! I highlighted the parts with my airbrush and cleaned it up highlighting the key areas !

Once completed i sealed the piece in lacquer and added the watch straps ! This came from an old watch i had been wearing ! The bar was unfortunately not long enough to work on the watch (i had scaled the watch up a tad) . However i used a piece of wire and threaded it through with little hassle. I glued the wire at either end to keep it tight. One the straps were on i used my airbrush to beat them up a little.


For the screen i printed the image out and varnished it so it was super shiny, once done i added a sheet of perspex over it and varnished that too. I gave the image minor changes with the airbrush.


For the glove i took a rather nice leather glove that had lost its friend and attached an air soft glow in the dark patch . the rest of teh glove was weathered with the airbrush !


Once done i think this is a lore friendly addition to the build, it lets me have a pip boy but in a much smaller and (arguably cooler way), i know i will have to defend its use at some point however !!

Next up is knee guards and the boots ! (We will come back to the combat belt !
The lower half of the build, was rather straight forward, a pair of leather boots and some knee armour to keep my calves safe from rowdy union workers !

The boots were s standard pair of leather boots that i had bought a number of years ago and had since become a little banged up. to remedy this i painted them ! Plain and simple ! Plenty of airbrush colours and some work with a hairdryer. What i like about these is the little bit of green i gave the soles, that kind gives off that greenish glow !


The knee armour was rather straight forward. I modeled the foam around my leg and made a template by eye. once cut out of the EVA i cleaned it up and added the worbla on top. Then the standard paint job followed suit ! Gloss black, then chrome, then metallic red, then stars then lacquer.


On this case the knee guards match the chest armour as they have the distinct bone white wave on them. This was achieved with masking and spraying and leaves a nice effect on the armour.


The armour was secured with two straps each with 3D printed buckles. overall the knee armour sits well with the boots, even though most of the boots are covered !


Next up will be the combat belt, which i will be posting tomorrow ! Once thats done the only items left are as follows :

1. Updated chest armour with shoulder armour attached. (Few items left to fix)
2. Nuka Breaker neon sign/sledgehammer (Few items left to fix)
3. Laser Rifle (One piece printed so far, 20 left to go)
4. Thirst Zapper. (will be finished by next week)

Thanks for following my build guys !
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