completed Code Geass R2 Emperor Lelouch Costume


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Hi guys, it's my first time posting a new thread here. Do notify me if i'm posted in the wrong section, i'm not really familiar at here yet but i would like to share some of my works i did before.

Making blueprints

Inner shirt base done

cutting out the details

Finished the base coat and some details

Finished the belt and detials

Back details as well

Shoulder Cape

Finished the shoulder cape

Finished belts or straps

Finish the cap as well

Finished work costume
20150119_175020.jpg 20150119_174745.jpg 20150119_174642.jpg 20150119_175044.jpg JPEG_1421715887472_1404730595.jpg

Sword Craft
20150128_232957.jpg 20150202_214912.jpg

Added beads and jewel into the costume. Test wear shoot
20150202_231133.jpg 20150202_231153.jpg 20150202_231237.jpg

That's all my progress of making my Emperor Lelouch cosplay. No proper shoot yet cause i haven't got the wig cut and the boots crafted. Hope you guys like it.
Note: the cape is mean to be at the right, some are flipped due to shooting at the mirror.


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