Completed Aliens Colonial Marine

Star Wars Chick

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I am so excited to finally show this off. This costume has been 4 years in the making and even longer in the planning. I literally just finished it tonight and we real quick did a photo shoot to share some preview pictures. I'll be debuting this at San Diego Comic Con on Sunday and can't wait to show it off! (p.s- the ab plate was left off intentionally as I am 5'2" and it looked ridiculous on so I decided not to use it). The armor is all fiberglass and cast off original Dietrich armor. Art Andrews did all of the assembly, attachments, much of the sharpening of the details, and of course the pics. I did the finish work and all the painting (based my paint scheme and colors on Frost's armor). The pulse rifle is Hollywood Collectibles that we weathered and put the right sling on (we plan to replace the grenade launcher but didn't get that done yet). Thanks for looking!


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Exquisite work as always guys, you two are cornering the market on soldiers this year at con with stellar results. :thumbsup


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Looking good I'll keep an eye out for you at SDCC so I can see it in person. This is a build I really want to do someday, Art did an excellent job.

Art Andrews

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Really proud of Kristen on this. While I did a lot of the "slave labor" on it, she did an absolutely stunning job on the paint that I couldn't replicate in a million years. Big kudos go out to our buddy Steve Radler (JP05) for his help and assistance on this project. Couldn't have done it without him!

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I said it over on the Legacy and I'll say it again here: Your painstaking research, and time spent has paid off in spades!

Amazing job! :thumbsup



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Hi Star Wars Chick. If you HAVE to go crawling through dark ventilation shafts, hunting six foot slug heads, then this is how you should dress!!! what I mean to say is that it's spot on the money as far as I can tell. I can see why it took so long, sourcing all the bits and pieces. Great job and well done! what's the NEXT five year project? Lol!
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