Complete T-600 Costume Build

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Hey guys, I wanted to share this build with you: a complete T-600 costume from terminator salvation! I've wanted to do this project for years, and now it's finally happening. I always liked the look of the character, and I love the idea of a wearable endoskeleton suit. The parts include: custom full body suit with endo parts made of eva foam, custom rubber mask with resin endoskull mask underneath, hiking backpack frame with ammo canister, ripped jacket, ripped pants, scarf, stilt boots, one elbow pad, one knee pad, custom m203 grenade launcher, and finally, an m134 minigun. I've made a separate build log of the weapons here: So far I've only finished the rubber mask. It was sculpted with oil clay, molded with ultra cal 30, then cast in latex. I painted it and weathered it with acrylic inks. Here it is on my sideshow t-600, with the scarf:

As for the rest, I've only started the main suit. Will post pictures soon.
Here is a picture of director McG admiring the T600 costume

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Thanks guys! Quick update: Here's the skull that I'm casting into a mask. The hollow areas are filled in with clay since i'm doing a one piece silicone mold. My hope is that I can cut the hollow cast of this so I can fit it on my face, then mount leds in it. The rubber mask I made will then be worn over that.


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Looks very cool:):thumbsup not the biggest fan of Terminator salvation tbh but I really like the design of the character as well. Very detailed. How long did it take you to make this?