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Hey everyone!

To celebrate the anniversary of the release of Guardians of The Galaxy, I am very excited to announce that I will be starting a run of complete Star Lord Costumes here on The RPF.


For the first time ever, you will be able to purchase a full, finished replica of The Star Lord Costume featuring the most accurate pieces currently available on the market.

Each costume will come complete with the following:

  • A Star Lord helmet by MrRoboto featuring lenses from Risu.

2015-01-28 21.01.23.jpg 2015-01-28 20.58.03.jpg 2014-12-04201214_zps3daa2a95.jpg 2014-12-04201209_zps1812f6fc.jpg
MrRoboto’s Star Lord Helmets:
Risu’s Star Lord Lenses:
(Each helmet will be painted and finished by Kevin Gossett and will include fully operational lights)

  • A custom fitted jacket from Magnoli Clothiers featuring an arm badge and jacket valve from Risu.

full-0011631daca3b194ca62b32ca1de494d.jpg full-f90f2ff675d658dc8440ef1258101a0a.jpg 2015-06-15 17.29.46_zpsenjxrmzk (1).jpg
Magnoli Clothiers Star Lord Jackets:
Risu’s Arm Badges:

  • A set of Quad Blasters from MrGreene with paint and finish work done by Kevin Gossett.

IMG_1465.jpg 11541234_10152796262601862_1107278205_n.jpg 11667225_10152796262301862_1350811224_n.jpg
MrGreene’s Quad Blasters:

  • A pair of Boot Rockets by Joatrash FX, painted and finished by Kevin Gossett.

JoaTrash FX’s Boot Rockets:
Stunt Kit:

As you can see, this costume is going to include the best and most accurate pieces available from other makers. However, in my search for the most accurate pieces, I was unable to find the following pieces that met my standards for accuracy. So, in order to fill the need, I will be supplying these pieces myself.

Custom made pieces by The Full Armor will include:

  • The Shirt
Shirts will be custom made and will include all the features of the movie version.

  • The Belt (featuring a belt buckle and D rings from Morbid Charlie)
These belts will be made of real leather and custom fitted to the size of the wearer.

Morbid Charlie’s Belt Buckles:

  • The Pants (featuring rocket controls from Kevin Gossett)
Each pair of pants will be made using the accurate materials from the movie and custom made to fit the measurements of the wearer.

rocket control.jpg kevin's rocket controls.jpg
Kevin Gossett’s Rocket Controls and other accessories:

  • The Boots
The boots will also be made of real leather and built off of the sole of a sketchers diameter shoe (as seen in the movie version. Each set of boots will be custom made to your shoe size and will include the attachment point for the boot rockets.

I am also having someone design custom holsters for the Quad Blasters that will be accurate to the movie version and will work with MrGreene’s Quad Blasters.

I am looking to hear from anyone who would be interested in commissioning one of these builds so we can get this started. The total price is looking to come in at around $3500 for everything. Ideally, if you're interested, we would start with the deposit of $2500, then the final payment of $1000 (plus calculated shipping) would be paid once the product is finished and ready to ship (hopefully in about 2-3 months).

I am starting things off with this version of the Star Lord costume because it adequately represents the character while maintaining a lower price point (This is version 2). In the future, I will be planning to sell 4 different versions of the Peter Quill/Star Lord costume, each version being different in style and price. (if you happen to have a specific interest in commissioning one of these versions, please contact me for details).

  • Version 1 (Peter Quill) will include the Earpiece, Jacket, Shirt, Belt, Holsters, Pants and Boots.
  • Version 2 (Star Lord) will include the Helmet, Jacket, Shirt, Belt, Holsters, Quad Blasters, Pants, Boots and Boot Rockets.
  • Version 3 (Legendary Outlaw) will include the Helmet, Trench Coat, Vest, Shirt, Napsack, Gloves, Belt, Holsters, Quad Blasters, Pants, Boots and Boot Rockets.
  • Version 4 (Ravager on Morag) will include The Helmet, Ear Piece, Trench Coat, Vest, Shirt, Napsack, Gloves, Belt, Holsters, Quad Blasters, Pants, Boots, Boot Rockets, Walkman, Headphones, Orb, Plasma Ball, Lock-pick, Gravity Mine and Map Projector.

Please send me a PM if you have any questions or are interested in having one of these costumes made. I look forward to hearing from you.


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I'd be in if some how (magic) the turnaround wasn't 2-3 months :( Particularly because that could easily turn into 6..