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Hello All,

SO I have finally seen something I want to recreate and hang on my wall. My problem is that I've never done any sort of paper repo. So would it be best to try to draw it out then recreate using an image manipulation software? Do people take commissions on this sort of work? Do people do pro bono (heh heh heh I said bono) to put it out to everyone? Any input (I know I know) would be appreciated!


Since I'd like to see it too, I thought I'd chime in. How to make it depends on your talents. First, I'd recommend getting a better screen cap regardless. Try to get it as in focus as possible. HD is always helpful (hulu plus if you need it).

After that, it depends on your talents. First you could square it up with the Perspective tool in Photoshop (or its free cousin GIMP). If you ask nicely, someone on here might even do that for free. You may also be able to get someones help in identifying fonts for the Inspector spacetime label. Once you have the fonts you can do the label in photoshop/gimp, or better yet a vector software (so it never gets pixilated).

As for the coat rack, you might try freehand drawing, tracing, or photoshop manipulation of the original to get a clear image. Because it is a fairly simple picture, all of the above are equally easy depending on your skills. This would be a great project to learn gimp/photoshop if you werent familiar. That being said, I am sure you could find someone to pay to do it. You can ask in junk yard.

Good luck and I hope you show your results.