Commissioned DS9/VOY PADDs x6


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Aside from the 2 old Matt Munson large Voyager PADD kits, these were scratch built by me. I used the measurements from the recent IAW auctions to accurately extrapolate the details on these PADDs. Having compared them to some screenused examples, I can guarantee that aside from the HMS offerings, these are the most accurate I've seen. Styrene/ABS construction. The screens on some of them are left blank because the new owner has auto graphed displays to put into them. The screen graphic on the Cadet's Guide is the only representation I've seen with accurate text and Earth image. I scored the internet to find the exact image used by the original creator of this graphic. Turns out it's been turned 90º clockwise. If you look closely you'll see the gulf of California peeking through the clouds, and it's on its side. Double checking my representation against the screen caps you'll find the cloud patterns match exactly.

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